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Thread: Rox Risers

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    Rox Risers

    Other than tires, this has been my only mod/upgrade for this riding season. Wish I had done it earlier. Here are my notes so far:

    Ridiculously expensive (a 20% off coupon from BikeBandit helped)
    Fairly easy installation (a little difficult to tighten lower bolts as the risers cover them)
    Very good range of adjustment (upper and lower mounting points both allow articulation)
    Big improvement in riding position (for me at 5’10”) although I rarely need to get my butt off the seat
    Fits fat bars or stock bars with spacers (included)
    The anti-vibration bushings improve ride quality (especially all the flippin potholes) but don’t expect miracles
    No cable re-routing, just move a couple of the cable zip ties. It’ll be another story when I install ProTaper Contour ATV high this winter
    I probably should return these as they have some imperfections, but they’re only cosmetic and otherwise a high quality product. I believe they were used previously as the packaging was molested. Not a big deal to me because shiny polished new items kinda look out of place on any of my crusty old bikes.

    Based on bang for buck, I put these right behind Seat Concepts. Nothing beats bigger pegs on bang for buck. Jury is still out on fork cartridge emulators as I’m still trying to dial them in.

    My Renthal bars are bent so it kinda forced me into addressing. These are just my notes/opinions. Cheers
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    I sure like my $70 Rox rotating 2" risers but think I'll also like these $16 clones due in my mailbox any day now. They will come in black to better match black bars, levers and guards on the Re-Gizmo'd TW.
    New Motorcycle HandleBar Handle Fat Bar Mount Clamps Riser Universal 7/8'' 22mm
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    It's good to see people care about motorcycle ergonomics and style/looks/color!
    Need photos & "test report"!
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    Senior Member Michael Bryce Winnick's Avatar
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    I have Rox risers. They brought my bars two inches up and two inches back. I had to reroute a cable or two, but nothing got replaced. Much more comfortable and a shot in the arm for wheelies as I can get further back in the seat. (Sort of like telling people that the line lock on my Torino GT is to help me keep the car stopped on a hill). They are made in the USA. Rox risers are the best risers in the world. Everyone should put Rox risers on their TW. Nobody should use any other risers than Rox risers.
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    Senior Member putt-putt's Avatar
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    ROX 2” risers were one of the better improvements I made.......

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    Senior Member Elvesus's Avatar
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    Nanaimo BC
    I have the same Rox anti-vibe risers on my 2013. They were a great addition. They absorb some impact shock and reduce much of the higher speed buzz I used to feel in the handlebars.
    John in Nanaimo

    2013 TW200 - with Shinko 241 front tire, Rox 2" anti-vibe risers, Polisport Touquet handguards, homemade wind deflector, Manracks utility rack

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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    "They brought my bars two inches up and two inches back" - if one remembers their basic trigonometry this would require Rox Risers to provide approximately 2.305 inches of rise. However they are not.

    2" Rox Rotating Risers move through a 2" arc. At 45 degrees they can provide both approximately 1.70 inches "up" and approximately 1.70 inches "back" but not 2 inches simultaneously in both directions. Sorry.
    2003 TW200 "Betty Boop"
    2006 TW200 "Nibbler", a.k.a. “Mr.Gizmo"
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    Yeah! You tell 'em Professor. Fred is the best TW Professor in the Sierra's. Everybody should have Fred as a TW Professor in the Sierra's. Nobody should use anyone except Fred for a TW Professor in the Sierra's. Dang, MBW, I hope I'm half as passionate about the mods I get for my bike as you are. Or else why the hell get them, huh?

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    Senior Member Trail Woman's Avatar
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    After experiencing knock off hand guard cheap hardware I decided to go all in on brand name Rox Risers. Love'm. One of my favourite mods. They're only 1" taller then my previous risers but every inch counts and well worth it. Changed my stance, leverage, suspension response, handling....everything is much better.
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    Senior Member Peterb's Avatar
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    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    I tilted mine so they are pretty well vertical as I like being farther back from the bars when standing up. I would almost like a second set of pegs a few inches back to stand on in some situations.

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