#32 pilot is available
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Thread: #32 pilot is available

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    #32 pilot is available

    I just bought a TW for the wife and was rejetting it. It seems like everyone sticks with the #31 pilot which is a bit too lean or goes with the #34 pilot which is a bit too rich. I did some searching and found that the Yamaha Raptor 90 uses a 22mm TK carb and uses a #32 pilot. I took a chance and ordered it up and it's the correct pilot. I threw it in, started with the fuel screw at 2.5 turns out and settled with it at 2 turns out for the best response. The bike still needs choke to start when the engine is cold, which is a good thing as not needing choke would indicate it was too rich.

    The part number for the #32 pilot is 43D-E4342-16-00. I got mine from partzilla.

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    Thanks for that information I knew there had to be a pilot jet between 31 and 34 somewhere.
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