Ignitech ignition sparker
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Thread: Ignitech ignition sparker

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    Ignitech ignition sparker

    It arrived today! I had to buy one to see what it is like. I bought the DC-CDI-P and the P stands for programmable.

    The advance curve is programmable via a comm port on the box and a USB port on your laptop. The rev-limiter can be set at your desired RPM or it can be shut off. There is a wire for a tachometer and one for a neutral light. I don't know if this box will light the stock neutral light or this one is in addition to the stock one. I will find out. I think one can also shut of the kickstand and clutch safety switches -- my first motorcycle didn't have either and it came from the factory that way.

    It does need a battery to work. I guess if the battery is totally dead you are SOL but I have heard just a whisper of electricity is all the is needed to get the engine running.

    The total fee was $198 including shipping and a 6' programming cable. It took about 4 or 5 days to get to Commiefornia from The Czech Republic using DHL so shipping might be cheaper to east coast locations.

    All I need now to to get out there and do it. I really think advancing the spark on these little engines will wake them up. Reports to follow in the not to distant future, if the weather gets a little warmer and if the smoke clears up.

    I think this link will work: SPARKER DCCDIP - IgniTech P?elou?


    Igni tech wires and box::

    Yamaha stock CDI wires:
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    Tony's latest step in his never-ending quest of making his 1987 TW's even faster !

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    Yeah, but will it help extend the life of his chain?
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    I replaced the high performance camshaft with a stock one and installed my new Ignitech adjustable CDI. What is adjustable is the advance curve, adjustable rev limiter or turn it off, and there is a tachometer wire, a gear shift light wire, a button to test the ignition and others things that I don't yet understand and may never understand. There is an A/B choice so you can put 2 advance curves in there at once and then toggle back and forth. I started with one program having more advance across the rev spectrum than stock (guessing what I thought might be good) and then tried to copy the stock advance curve for the second choice.

    I rode up and down the street and I swear it ran better, a very noticeable amount better. How good my first try advance curve is I won't know until I try some others It is possible to save different curves in a folder and go back to them. I did put the stock CDI Tom Bauer fixed for me back in and it ran like I would expect a stock TW to run.

    Next is to alter the curve, more or less advance at different RPM. Later I will put the high performance camshaft back in and see how it goes. A carb cleaning may be due, along with a new battery and fresh gas.

    Total cost was $198 including S&H and a cable to connect the CDI to the computer plus the program to do the different things. So far it seems a pretty good deal.

    This is what I started with. CDI not connected to PC for this picture.
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    Very interested in the results from this.
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    Finally some good weather!

    I altered the advance curve slightly -- more advance in the lower RPM range -- and went for a ride.

    The faint blue line is stock timing curve.

    Roughly speaking, the RPM mid range felt very strong. The top end I may have been a little over enthusiastic with advance. There was no pinging that I could hear. It did climbed to just over 70 mph on the speedometer but it didn't feel like it was more powerful -- accurately measured by the butt dyno The engine overall seemed to run very well.

    I have to swap carburetor back to the one that was in there before the high speed miss / cam chain off one tooth. I tried richer jets thinking that may be the cause and they are still in there. The engine easily starts without the choke so I think that may be due to the pilot jet being to large. (I might first try closing the idle mixture screw and if it works save me some effort.)

    Next on the agenda regarding the CDI is above 7000 RPM is to dial back the advance to about 32 degrees, approx. 5 degrees less than now, and to make the slope of the line steeper so all the advance is all in about 1500 RPM earlier.

    Reports to follow. I am combining my hot rod experience with a big block Chevy with a little Yamaha engine and I am not quite sure how things are going to turn out.
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    This is very good info. THANKS!
    My TW200 is only used on the road to get to riding areas once I've staged in a campground and rarely to get to the store and back when I just feel like it's a nice day for a short ride. For me, the TW is just not a street bike and my butt tells me this with the way the bike buzzes at higher speed, higher RPM, longer rides.
    The info on low and mid range rpm torque is what interests me mainly.
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    Subscribed. Very curious to see how this plays out.

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