Handlebar recommendations?
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Thread: Handlebar recommendations?

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    Handlebar recommendations?

    So, I crashed the TW yesterday. The bike seems to have fared better than I did, and the bulk of the damage to it seems to be some bent handlebars and a bit of rash, where I have a fractured ankle, mild concussion, the usual scrapes/bruises, etc...

    I currently run Roxx 2" pivoting risers, but could use just a little bit more. I'm aware I'll probably have to reroute some of the wiring and lines if I go any more than that. What bars do you recommend in the stock diameter? I don't want to have to buy new guards (Barkbusters held up great, no need to replace) or other accessories.

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    Ouch. Sorry bud. Hope you heal up quickly. I’d start by looking at ProTaper. They have lots of options. I got mine at Partzilla. I believe the biggest restriction on bars and risers are the throttle cables. You can only stretch so far without switching to longer ones. My 01 had Renthal when I bought it. They’re not bad.
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    I second the motion for Pro Taper bars. There is a long list of different rises sweep angles and such. Find the exact OE dimensions of the TW bar and compare.

    If I remember, about 1-1/2 or 2 inches is max rise until new clutch and throttle cables, front brake hose, and possible wiring loom adjustments need to be made.

    I recently switched the bars on my Beta Xtrainer. I added a steering damper, sub mount below the bars, this elevated them much too high for me (the OE height was fine for me). So I bought the Pro Taper Universal LOW bars. This dropped the grips, and now the actual grip height has only changed a 1/2 inch. But in doing all this, it made the clutch line almost too tight during a turn. So I bought a 2 inch longer hydraulic clutch line. Sometimes these "small" changes result in a lot of collateral costs. Steering damper, new bars, new grips, new clutch line, modified hand guard mounts because bar angles are different. Ah well, motorcycle ownership is usually a hobby for most people anyway.
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    Sucks about your accident but your able to tell us about it, so that's a good thing.

    I have Pro Taper on my Honda XR. They were there when I bought the old bike last Summer. Very comfortable and I didn't have to add a riser (1 inch) like I did for the TW.
    The only negative is they are wider than the stock TW bars. So on really tight single-track with trees and such I'm moving along as fast as a fat r1200GS. Ironic because the XR is a lot taller and skinnier than the pudgy TW.
    When and if you consider ProTaper or any other bar figure in how much more width you will be adding besides the kick and comfort angle of the handlebars itself.
    On-Line it's difficult to imagine how they will feel but "width" is almost always listed.
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    Go narrow i use yz80 bars i love them also more comfortable and 90 percent riding is offroad easier to squeeze thru
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    Pro Tapers plus risers can create marginal cable lengths. Cutting the bars width down can then free up some desired slack in control cables and the brake line.
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    I'm ok with the stock width, and would end up buying the same or cutting down wider bars to match. I currently have Rox 2" 1R-P2SS, pivoted forward just a bit with the bars in their stock orientation (and now bent slightly). Perhaps I can shift the bars forward a bit more, and get elevation from taller bars themselves? If the bars fit right I'd be fine with dumping the risers.

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    Many go with Pro Taper ATV high SE bars. When I put these on my wife’s bike I left them full width. She liked the leverage. High is one of the rises and ATV a style of bend. You can see all of the bars on their web site.
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    Here are the Protaper SE (seven eighths) bend options...

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