Bigger front tire?
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    I've been thinking of changing out the 18" front rim to a 21" rim, and raising the front fender about an inch with spacers and longer bolts. Has anyone tried this, I guess I will need new spokes about an 1 1/2" longer, and will the number of spokes be the same, also how wide do 21" tires come, I'd like to keep the fat tire look, but a narrower tire might handle better on corners. I really think the bike will corner better with a 21" front tire. I bought the bike for trail riding, and survival maneuvers, if the price of fuel goes to a zillion dollars a gallon...

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    I think about the biggest 21-inch tire I've seen for offroad or dualsport use is a 90/100-21. The Kenda K270 is a fine dualsport tire and comes in a 3.25-21 size.

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