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    Sounds easy enough and i thought of that, but the circlup groove for the bigger 16mm pin and clips would also have to be recut twice per piston times 4 pistons then i would have to buy new wristpins and clips, also the cost of machining.,not to mention that i already paid alot and waited for close to 3 months for this set ,i feel like it should be remidied ,and not at my expense, but i did consider it because now completion date streaches to more months away, maybe tryna build the largest displacement tw 6 speed was an idea that wasnt meant to be, discouraged and wondering how or when or if this will all play out in the end
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    Makes sense. Just a setback in being innovative and first. It happens.
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    From an engineering prospective, boring out the wrist-pin hole to 16mm and machining the circlip groves should be straight forward. Of course, this assumes that there is sufficient material in the piston design in order to retain the required strength after the machining. As for the new wrist-pin, that is also very simple. I would suggest that you stick with your plans, have J and E make good on thier product, and forge ahead. In the meantime, if you can't wait, build the engine on a 70, 71, 73, or even 74mm bore and go to the 76mm one once the piston issue is sorted out - swapping jugs is pretty simple. Hang in there - anything worth having is worth waiting for!

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