shinko 244 back tires
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Thread: shinko 244 back tires

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    shinko 244 back tires

    I was wondering if I can get the proper size for the shinko 244 back tires.
    I believe the front is 4.10-18 compared to 130/80-18. Can anyone tell me the back numbers to 180/80-14. if it is possible.
    Or any tire recommendation for the back tire.
    thank you jmks
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    Short answer in my experience is no. If you want to stay with the same stock size tire and make no modifications, you’re pretty much stuck with the stock trailwing rear.
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    Yeah, the Tdub 18" front is the size many bikes use as their rear. Very limited choices for tdub rear. Stock is actually a great tire for true dual sporting. There are a couple less aggressive tires available in our size. For more aggressive, the option is to try an atv's front tire as found all over this forum.
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    There's only 3 actual tires for the TW's rear size. The stock trailwing, Bridgestone also makes a "70/30" street focused, mild dual sport tire, and the Suzuki VanVan's rear tire is also the same size. I'd also rate it as a 60/40 or 70/30, definitely more street oriented than off road.

    For anything more aggressive as said, you're looking to ATV tires. But the stock trailwing rear actually works pretty well, especially if you air it down to 3-4psi or so. Unless you're trying to drive up the side of a craggly mountain or sink it to the seat in mud, the stock rear will probably cover your needs pretty well.
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    Don't forget the Shinko street tires. I have a set and they're great for most uses, even off-road if it's not muddy.
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    Senior Member frog13's Avatar
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    Who's tried the street oriented Shinko tires ? do they compare to the same tread pattern Bridgestone . TIA

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    No personal experience - but - they are comparable to the 203/204 from what I've read. Bit softer, same grip ....
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    Thanks purple. Just trying to find out from users if Shinko's version wears , performs / lasts as long as Bridgestone 203 / 204......similar tread pattern. TIA

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    I am trying the street Shinkos now. I haven't been able to tell a difference between the Bridgestone street tires. They work great on the street. I haven't tried off road yet.

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