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Thread: HarborFreightHitchCarrierExpirience?

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    Since updating their design, the Harbor Freight carrier is very solidly built, and gets very good reviews. I purchased one, outfitted it with some LED trailer lights, and used it last weekend for my first long haul. I have an older Honda Pilot, and added a pair of air bag suspension supports in the rear for the added 325 lbs of tongue weight. Cheap way to keep the ride height nice and even with that kind of load cantilevered off the back of the vehicle. The carrier performed awesome. It even comes with anti-sway/wobble clamps which don't come on a lot of the other ones on amazon, etc. This sandwiches the main beam of the carrier between the ends of the hitch receiver, keeping it from swaying with all of that weight on a single beam coming off the back of the vehicle. The front tire clamp is also a nice touch that a lot don't have, and helps immensely if you're loading the bike yourself. You can push the bike up on the carrier, and turn one side of the clamp at a time until you have the front tire snugged up, and then it'll stay upright (without holding it) so you can get your front tie downs secure. I haven't seen another carrier with this clamp feature, and it's awesome. This carrier, even in mostly aluminum, is very heavy, and it's a job to get it onto our Pilot myself. I can't imagine an all-steel model. All in all I am thoroughly impressed with the Harbor Freight hauler and give it 5 stars.

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    Update, so...the two foot extension of the tongue coupled with the rack at the front of the Aluma trailer caused cracks to appear at the rearmost mounting point of the tongue underneath the cargo area of the trailer. So, while the HF rack held up fine, the stresses involved mean that the rack is coming off my trailer. For now, it'll be either one of my Ural sidecar rigs or the TW200 on the trailer bed. Gave it shot, seemed to work in the short term but not in the long run. Luckily, a local welder reinforced the mount point for a very fair price and in a short time interval.

    Quote Originally Posted by redlegsrides View Post
    FWIW, decided to use a HF Haul Master as a low cost "proof of concept" option. Not using the trailer hitch bar though, instead, mounting the carrier rack onto the trailer tongue of my Aluma 638 trailer. More details and pics in the blog but basically two square bend U-Bolts securing the rack's steel panel (which mates to the tow hitch bar if used as designed) and brackets securing the ends of the rack to prevent up/down flex when loading/unloading.

    Still need to buy some short straps to secure the wheels to the rack, and still experimenting with how to attach the ratchet straps on both sides of the T-Dub.

    more in the blog: https://redlegsrides.blogspot.com/20...nto-aluma.html

    Note, above image is early attempts at figuring out best anchor points. No longer using the strap going forward towards the RV. Straps are now anchored on the wheel clamps for the front wheel, over the lower triple tree and back towards rear of rear tire....both sides.

    The wheel clamps sort of work to hold the front tire from moving sideways, but will be using a short strap to ensure it's secure.
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    After reading about the aluminum failure I broke out the welder and some misc. steel.
    I bought the rack from a friend that never used it for $50, good enough for now.
    Anyone that needs a spare aluminum mount let me know..

    Edit: 10/18

    640 miles, 40-miles off-road with no problems or loosening of bolts. Vary stable now..

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