Doubletake mirror impressions
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Thread: Doubletake mirror impressions

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    Doubletake mirror impressions

    Kinda pricey, but not being happy with both stock and the previous foldable set I had (cheapies from Amazon), figured it was worth a shot. Package includes a combination of RAM ball mounts with RAM arms, some nicely molded mirrors to fit the RAM socket, and a baggie of adapters for various bikes.

    Honestly the machining on the adapters was not great, but they're usable. The tolerances are a bit off, and there are only flats at 180deg that I think were supposed to be either 1/2" or 13mm, but weren't really either of those (too big for a 12mm, sloppy loose on a 13mm). Having only the two flats makes getting it screwed in next to the brake reservoir a channel locks/pliers process, where a proper hex would let you use a standard box end spanner (if the flats were a predictable size). I recommend using some threadlock on the adapters to keep them from vibrating loose mid-ride.

    With both stock and the cheap folders I could kinda make out the difference between car, delivery truck, and motorcycle, but everything else was a proper vibratory blur. Went for a ride yesterday with these on and was actually able to see things behind me, it was nice. There was still some vibration, but I could tell the difference between a pickup truck and a UPS truck, so definitely a step up.

    And the cheap folding set for comparison:

    Pulled video off the helmet cam for reference. The only editing was some cuts, quick fade in/out, and killed some of the wind noise from the audio track. Recorded at 1080p/60fps, and exported at same to keep things as original as possible.
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    I have the Double Take Enduro mirrors. Less is more. I have the 3 inch arms. On a TW mirrors often double as a tachometer as I shift when the mirrors vibrate. I have a drawer full of Uncle Mao's folding mirrors as back ups or give aways.

    If you use mirror extenders (get counter threaded for your right side) and use smaller arms, the mirrors work well (Enduro). They tuck in really nice, but I take them off completely. I have a drawer of Ram mount stuff, so I only had to get the mirrors ($25.00 a piece). They are made in the USA. If you break one they will send you a new one. Again, they come off so easy, why keep them on when you are smashing and crashing. Anything with Ram mounts can be fabricated 100 different ways to suit you.

    Double Take Enduro mirrors on 3 inch arms with mirror extensions are the best in the world. Nobody should buy any other mirrors, arms, or extensions. Everyone with a TW should get Double Take Enduro mirrors on 3 inch arms with mirror extensions.

    You are getting vibration from the longer arm and the threaded ball. The only threaded balls that work well are the "hex" 1/4-20 or 6M hex. The ones they market (10M) do not work as well as the base with the 9mm hole.

    You would be better off getting a 10M x 1.25 pitch x 25 mm stainless socket cap bolt (Yes I am bragging that this little bike taught me the metric system). Put it through this: Ram Mount Motorcycle Base with 9mm Hole and 1-Inch Ball (just use Amazon or eBay)

    Put the 3 inch arm over that ball and I think you will be much happier. The way they market it works, just not as good as the right way to install it. No vibration unless I am leaving the ramp to jump the school bus while smoking a cigarette while flashing a peace sign while a scantily clad woman on the back is holding the radio playing I'm the Man by the Killers.
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    i have the round ones, and while they are very durable, i too find they vibrate like hell.
    i ended up with one DT and one stock and there is no comparison: stock is crystal clear but the DT is a buzzy mess.

    can't figure out why this would be.
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    I did make a handlebar change between running stock and DT, which may be a contributing factor.

    In the order I ran them:
    - Stock mirrors/Stock bars
    - Stock mirrors/Stock bars+Rox 2" pivoting risers
    - Cheapfolders/Stock bars+Rox 2" pivoting risers
    - Cheapfolders/Renthal Fatbar+Rox fixed 7/8"->1-1/8" adapter/riser
    - Doubletake/Renthal Fatbar+Rox fixed 7/8"->1-1/8" adapter/riser

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    Added video to the first post for reference. You can see some decent clarity as cars and scenery goes by, but there are some buzzy spots as well.

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    Thanks for the post guys, I ordered a set of these yesterday with the diamond shaped mirrors, 3" center pieces and the Ram Mount Motorcycle Base with 9mm Hole and 1-Inch Ball (pic below).

    I did a trial fit and I think they will work fine. Got them in Canada for the equivalent of $100 USD with free shipping. Now I just have to find a left hand threaded bolt for the right hand side.


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    Just ordered up a set of the DoubleTake Adventure mirrors with the shorter 3" arms. Found a coupon code "DirtBikeTest" for 10% off right at as well.....

    Been on the hunt for something a little more streamlined than the factory mirrors, was contemplating going with a set mounted to some handguards but I think these DoubleTake mirrors will actually be a better solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post
    ... Went for a ride yesterday with these on and was actually able to see things behind me, it was nice. There was still some vibration, but I could tell the difference between a pickup truck and a UPS truck, so definitely a step up.
    Thanks for the brief review. I was very curious how the Adventures would work out on a TW. I had the DT Enduros on my TW. While they were the "best" mirrors I was able to find, they were not great. Super vibey, and no matter how tight I cranked them down, they would move when hitting bumps and whatnot. The experience on my TW is what kept me from trying either set on my CB500X. I eventually caved and got the Adventure pair. Should have tried them much sooner! Almost as clear / non-vibey as stock was, but don't randomly move on their own like the Enduros did on the TW. Nice to not have to worry about my mirrors for drops again
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    I got a set of Adventures today and they take all of 5 minutes to install. They are great for their width, especially if you've shortened your bars. If seeing what's behind you is important, they are money well spent.
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    I like them, but I almost always have them folded down out of the way. They do vibrate loose a lot, at least at first. I have had mine on for a while and don't have as much of a problem with them as I used to.


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