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Thread: '87 Hollow Mod

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    '87 Hollow Mod

    In the final stages of my TW build and thought I would share. I'm waiting to install the exhaust before I start it up and start tuning it a little.

    I'm open to comments, questions, and recommendations!

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    Forgot to include the before picture...IMG_0055.PNG

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    Looks nice!

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    I love customized, personalized, modified, hopped-up, anything that makes a motorcycle "belong" just to its owner/builder/rider!
    The area beneath the seat could be tidied up a bit...that's about all that "jumps out".
    How will you use the bike?

    You might consider converting the painted & cad plated fasteners on the engine & chassis to bright or polished stainless steel.
    ~$30 for all. They come in small poly bags, each bag is labeled what it fits...easy-peazy-fun conversion.
    Torque properly, always use Loctite or anti-seize compound on SS.

    Chrome won't getcha home, but it will getcha laid.
    Stainless Steel will do both!
    And never rust, corrode or peel like chrome.
    Most of my last 15 or so bikes were converted to SS.
    No, I don't sell it, but I do love it!



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    "Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death."
    - Hunter S. Thompson

    “It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow”.

    "The less horsepower a motorcycle has, the more it can teach you.” - Ben Bostrom

    And though a mountain may rise up and smack the livin' shit outta me,
    and wad up my bike somethin' awful...
    Still, I rise!
    (With apologies to Maya Angelou)

    "Give a Damn"
    - C. M. Howe, Jr.

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    @Berth I just took a quick picture once it actually looked like a bike haha.. there is a lot of tidying up I need to do still. I did convert all the engine hardware to SS, anti-seized, and torqued. Most of the other bolts I have been replacing at the local hardware store and making sure their torqued as well. I agree that the bolt kit was ezpz and fun -especially after fresh paint!
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