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Thread: Faast Flexx handlebars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyJeeper View Post
    Ride a 60/80 mile Enduro or cross country race a few times
    Yeah, I could see it in those conditions. With the TW being my primary ride for the last year and 4k miles, most of my vibration woes are less in the hardcore whoops department and more on the spent too much time in the vibrating massage chair side of things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth View Post
    I've heard of these for a long time but never rode with them.
    They look like they would be great for stutter-bumps & whoops and rough ground in general.

    But...I believe they would really be overwhelmed by the T-Dub's lousy suspension!
    For $360, they are something I might consider only after I significantly improved the suspension.

    For a little more moola you could get the tunable ProCycle fork kit and much better shock spring.
    I have those on my T-Dub and previous bikes. They work!
    ProCycle is a good vendor for T-Dub kit.

    Also, tapered aluminum bars will help with vibes and harsh handlebar action.


    Definitely good points, I’ve been posting around including the best upgrades to improve safety and ride ability of a new TW, so I have the procycle front fork kit with emulators, installing it this week. The bars were a recommendation from a friend with many years of experience in pro off road sports to just help reduce fatigue, which was something reported in reviews from a lot of buyers. But I wanted to see if anyone had run them with noticeable difference in off road conditions, as big a rider as I am, I’m looking into all options to make it a safer and more stable platform to ride.

    Front fork upgrade is current task (parts in hand), next will be handlebars, even if they aren’t the fasst brand, got some great ideas here. Talked with Worx, gotta check back in about 5 months before they have all the templates and parts made to start making custom tw200 shocks again, that’ll be the last thing suspension-wise.

    These are all great ideas, and might look into the riser dampeners, or some of the other options mentioned here, appreciate everyone’s input!
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    Ugh, what a night... carb jetting and installing these bars. I’m ready for bed. Bike runs like a beast and these bars are pretty gnarly...
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    I have a set of the Rox anti-vibration bar risers on my Beta enduro and definitely like them. Pricey, but it feels like an immediate suspension upgrade. I've only sampled the Flexx bars on an ATV, and again, felt like an immediate suspension overhaul. They definitely make a difference and are high quality, but even still the asking price to me seems awfully steep.

    For the TW I don't know that I'd bother. The Beta I've done some long and fairly challenging turkey runs and enduros with. The TW goes trail plonking and generally buzzing around town. The Rox risers I used for the TW are the standard 7/8 to 1 1/8 adapter risers, not the rubber mounted ones. I didn't see a need for them, or spending the extra coin.

    Unfortunately there's not much you can do about engine vibration. They're called "thumpers" for a reason. KTM's managed to make them pretty smooth with a trick dual-counterbalancer setup with one in the crankcase and replacing one of the overhead cams with another smaller balancer. I've heard of filling the handlebar with sanded caulk (heavy), I tried this one one bike and it did make a slight improvement, you can get weighted bar ends (again, slight improvement), various rubber risers, but nothing is suddenly going to erase the engine buzz short of selling it and getting a Goldwing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWBigBlake View Post
    Ugh, what a night... carb jetting and installing these bars. I’m ready for bed. Bike runs like a beast and these bars are pretty gnarly...
    Add some miles to that baby! Nice bars though. Let us know how they feel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToolmanJohn View Post
    Check out handlebar riser dampener systems also. Because the TW used the round style riser clamps instead of traditional dirt bike risers, choices are limited. The flex bars and Twisted Engineering Bars seem to work. People love them, or don't find they do anything for them.

    Rox Speed FX Elite Series Anti-Vibration Handlebar Riser are one that should fit TW. They aren't cheap.
    I saw a set of those Twisted Engineering bars break badly at the track Saturday
    No way would I run those things even if I were paid
    The Fasst Flexx Bars work great. Strong as can be. The downside is they are expensive (like the Twisted Engineering Bars) and kinda heavy.
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