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Thread: Another front tire thread...

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    The D-wing hasn't hurt me yet, but I've ordered her replacement. She has a limited time until the 241 takes her place.

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    For those who defend the stock tire:

    Q: Have you ever tried a different front tire on your TW?
    Q: Have you ever hear of someone going back to the stock front tire after being disappointed trying something else like a Shinko 241 or 244?

    Being able to use the front brake to its full potential, especially while cornering, sold me on an IRC GP-1 Trials tire years ago.
    While a visual clone to the 244 Golden Boy I thought rearranging the sidewall lettering really made a marked improvement... Shinko says TRAIL , IRC says TRIAL and oh what a subtle difference those re-arranged letters make when pushing the tire hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idon'thaveoneyet... View Post
    Holy cow Purp! That was elegant. And i suspect accurate...
    i use the shinko 244 i like it much better than stock.

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    I’ve no experience of the244, but I learnt to trust the 241 in Moab

    When confronted by various rocks, 45 degree sand and mud slopes, much of which I couldn’t avoid, the tire just took it like it wasn’t even there. I ended up learning to trust it to deal with anything I’d (inadvertently) pointed it a - it simply swallowed up everything in its path, without hesitation

    “One less thing to worry about” just about sums this tire up – and although I run a K60 over here, I’d be hard put to make a choice between the two

    Perhaps, like the K60, the 244 sidewalls are a bit stiffer, and that can count for a lot if you have a flat on the trail – but the sheer tenacity of the 241 has a lot going for it ……
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idon'thaveoneyet... View Post
    The D-wing hasn't hurt me yet, but I've ordered her replacement. She has a limited time until the 241 takes her place.
    D-Wing pitched me in the mud a couple of times!
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    I mounted a K761 Kenda. Only a few hundred miles on it but I like it so far
    87 TW

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    RockyTFS is dead on with the 5.10 244 Golden Boy's characteristics. It's a big heavy tire, I felt it immediately on the street, all that went away zipping down the gravel and dirt roads. Everything here is loose and in poor shape after the winter, the weight of the tire is a bonus, gyroscope effect keeps the bike pointed where I want without needing lots of correction and turns rather than slides like the 'deathwing' when stuff is loose. Grip is excellent in the dirt, much better than I expected actually. Muscle is required to make quick direction changes, but at low speeds all I notice is the improved grip.
    Never thought much about tires before I bought a Buell Blast, which had the worst tires I'd ever ridden fitted by the factory. The factory would fit the best tires for the bike... wouldn't they? Heeled over the bike would wander all about (tramlining?), braking was terrible (easy to lock the front wheel) and steel grated bridges scary. Swapping for some cheap Pirelli scooter tires turned the bike into a sport bike. It could drag the pegs and do 'stoppies', things the 'Dunflops' couldn't imagine.
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    I switched to the Shinko also, mostly because my tires are original and the bike is a 2005
    2005 Tdub

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxpower View Post
    I mounted a K761 Kenda. Only a few hundred miles on it but I like it so far
    My XT225 came with those and I was surprised how much off road riding I could do, but when you hit their limit you know it.
    Great tire for mostly pavement, some gravel roads and dry single track.
    2001 TW200 sporting a MT43 up front. Duro has gone to a good home. 2015 VStrom XT, 1996 DT 200, Broken 2010 Xingue 400 XY. 2009 WR250r now shared with my son.

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    For a second I wondered if grooving the D-Wing would give it some manners... but buying a new tire is much cheaper than a tire groover. Curious if anyone who already has a groover tried though.

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