Another front tire thread...
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Thread: Another front tire thread...

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    Another front tire thread...

    I don't know, but I think I'm unnecessarily afraid of my tw stock front tire. I don't ride too aggressively. I feel like I may have difficulty finding out what my tw can do because the front tire is the weak link.
    Please drop comments on...
    Is it really as bad as the nickname implies?
    What aftermarket front tire do you run?
    What is yout ratio of pavement to trail riding?
    Anything else you think is important.
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    Stocker is fine on pavement, but it can be crap off road. For peace of mind, a Shinko 241 is $50 well spent. Good in most conditions, and it is a good match for the stock rear. They make a good all-round dual-sport package. The Pirelli MT43, is very similar and also recommended, it's a bit more because it is a Pirelli.
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    So I have had a few bikes with a couple of variations of Trailwings (Deathwings). If you are on “dry” pavement, they really are fine. Honestly. However, IMO once conditions get wet, slick, dirt, mud, gravel, sand, ANYTHING other than dry pavement they really do suck. Badly.

    Here is my dilemma. I ride year round. I don’t get snow or winter really. However, in winter months I get deep, ultra-slick, red clay mud. Therefore I run a super aggressive non-road friendly front tire. But, in warmer/hot months I ride mainly hard pack, some rock and a fair amount of sand. I really need hot swappable front tires. Shameless plug for my WTB post in classifieds.

    If I had it my way, I would run the 241 or 244 for maybe 7+ months and then the Pirelli Scorpion Pro I am running now for the other 5 months or so.

    I think if you’re doing a fair amount of payment, which I really do not, you should really go for the 241. Great all around tire for everything but slick mud and nastiness.

    My 2 cents.
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    I wore mine out before I replaced it with the Stinko! I don't think it has killed anyone yet, but if you ride in a straight line on gravel you'll be fine. Just watch those downhills turns on loose gravel while braking
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    As said for dry pavement or very light off road use the stock front is passable (although it's fairly noisy on pavement, and also wears quickly- well faster than the rear). Anything else it's pretty crap.

    The 241 is a cheap, easy upgrade. It's superior to the stock front in every way. It's quieter and better behaved on pavement, and off road it works much better. It also vastly outlasts the stock front despite being softer/grippier (deeper tread), and it has the benefit of bringing the speedometer pretty close to reality, cuts 7-8% "optimism" in half.
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    I'm in the same boat, have run the stock tire offroad a little bit...wasn't bad...but definitely got loosey-goosey a couple times in the mud. Currently having the internal debate between the 244 5.10 (or possibly 4.60), or the 241 4.00...pretty sure I want to change just to avoid any issues, and sort of leaning towards the 244.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idon'thaveoneyet... View Post
    I think I'm unnecessarily afraid of my tw stock front tire
    The stock death wing is trying to kill you. It knows it will succeed if given the time and opportunity, so it is content to wait, conspiring in the darkness while you sleep. It knows your riding style, every bend you take in the road, and when the conditions are right to get away with it, it will take you down

    It laughs with you as you casually take each ride, building up your confidence, knowing your downfall awaits. It is the Anti-Christ, treachery dressed in black rubber, and it knows no mercy. A soul less ring of seeming innocence, waiting to drink from your your soul as it falls. The silent killer, it needs no reason to be, content to wait to take you away into the darkness when you expect it the least

    It is “The Death Wing”, and those that ride it do so at their peril, unaware of the evil that lurks beneath them

    The Shinko 241’s quite good though ……..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Idon'thaveoneyet... View Post
    ... I think I'm unnecessarily afraid of my tw stock front tire. ..
    Purple is absolutely right.....actually, you CAN'T be too afraid of your OEM front tire!!!!

    Unless you ride only on dry pavement at speeds below 35.

    I don't ride aggressively either, but I found out the hard way like most of us. The 2nd and 3rd TW's never got off the showroom floor with the Death Wing.....I have two brand new ones I would give away sitting in the barn.
    I think it is the worst tire I have ever encountered in 55 years of riding.
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    Now,now,now Gentlemen...The stock front tire isn't that bad. It just isn't that good either.
    To each their own, I guess many have figured out how to get good use out of their Death Wings.
    Got to respect that.

    tire swing .jpg
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    Holy cow Purp! That was elegant. And i suspect accurate...
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