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Thread: LED turn signals on the cheap

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    Thanks Brian...that's a good idea!

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    Okay guys, after three trips to the hardware store and spending way too much time yesterday and today on this project, here are my results:

    Required hack # 1

    As mentioned above by others, I utilized some metric jam nuts (M10 1.50 pitch) to mount these LED turn signals. If you use just the single nut that is supplied, you may pull the threaded tube out of the rubber stalk when you tighten the nut.

    Required hack # 2

    The male bullet connectors that came on these signals were smaller than the ones on the stock turn signals. Since I didn't know for sure that these LED signals would even work I didn't want to pinch the female connectors on the bike's wiring harness to fit the LED signals, so I replaced the smaller male connectors with some bigger bullet connectors. Since the wire size on the LED lights is pretty small, I added an additional piece of wire to provide some filler metal in the crimp and also to provide something more substantial to grab onto when plugging/unplugging these connectors.


    It took me quite a while to figure how to connect the front LED's since they only have two leads while the stock signals have three leads due to the running light feature on the stock front signals. I also wasted a considerable amount of time and blew the main fuse trying to see if there was any way to wire these LED lights to maintain the running light feature (there isn't ). To hopefully save someone else the brain-death that I went through, here are the connections that worked for my 2005 TW:

    Front turn signal connections
    TW wiring harness > to > LED wiring
    Black > to > Black
    Brown > to > Red
    Blue > to > N/A

    Rear turn signal connections
    (There are only two wires on each side, if it doesn't work just switch the connections )

    Other thoughts on whether to switch over to these LED turn signals:

    -You have to have both the front and rear LED signals properly connected before they will work correctly . So you cannot install LED's only in the front, or only in the rear.
    -It is a lot work to replace all four turn signals. Once I started, I regretted doing it especially since my existing turn signals were all working just fine. In the front you have to remove the plastic headlight cowl and unbolt the headlight. Then you have to free up the rat's nest of wiring behind the headlight to access the wiring to the turn signals, remove the stock signals, replace with the new LED signals, etc., etc. etc.
    -In the rear, I had to remove my seat, my rear box/cyclerack combination and the rear plastic tail section. Cycleracks are great except when you have to install and/or reinstall them .
    -Once I got the wiring connections sorted out, these LED signals work as intended without any additional electronics i.e., resistors, capacitors, relays, etc. The sequential directional feature works fine and the blink rate is equivalent to the stockers.
    -In daylight, the LED's are clearly not as large or as bright as the stockers. I will have to wait until I have the bike out after dark to see how their nighttime performance is.

    Bottom line - Installation is clearly not a simple "Plug and Play" exercise. I like the smaller profile, flexible stalks and directional blinking feature. They're cheap and they work, but unless I have to replace broken and/or non-working signals on my other TW's, I will not be switching them over to LED's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Errtu View Post
    Am I the only one who thinks these are ugly as hell?
    I don't necessarily love their look either, but they're certainly no uglier than the stock IMO. I've been annoyed that Yamaha has more/less used similar turn signals on all their bikes for years without much update. It's the one thing on most their bikes I hate and wish they'd throw some design $$ at. Anywho, for $10/ea. they're acceptably ugly
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