bikemaster 45 tooth review
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    bikemaster 45 tooth review

    Got the bike master 45 tooth rear sprocket installed yesterday. I loved the stock TDUB except for 1st gear. 1st is useless on the street and I do a lot of street riding. Also the top end was 50mph and that was kind high on the revs. I'm 205lbs or so. might be the "or so". Anyway, after installing this sprocket the bike is damn near PERFECT. I can't see a need to mess with the front sprocket. 50mph is a gentle cruise and very smooth, 55 is FAST for this bike but now I can actually do it. I believe it will hit 60mph no problem but on these stock tires it's kinda sketchy.

    The install was very easy. The sprocket was indented on one side but you just flip that side to the inside of the hub and it sits flush and all good. If the sprocket is directional I can't tell.

    I took off two chain lengths and the adjustment is just a click past the 4 mark.

    I beat most cars off the line readily and took it on one dirt hill and it was fine torque wise.

    A WHOLE NEW RIDE! I love it.


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    Link to the exact sprocket you bought?
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    I don't like that many of the aftermarket sprockets are machined thinner at the bolts requiring extra washers with the stock bolts. Also the tolerance of the inner hole is larger than the flange on the hub so it doesn't center on the hub nice as the OEM sprocket. The good thing is TW steel sprockets are cheap and you can have a few sizes for the riding you plan on doing for the weekend
    I agree, the stock gearing is way too low.
    I'm running 15/44 but I ride the road mostly. Taller gearing doesn't mean more top speed, just means you aren't floating the valves going 60mph
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