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Thread: Mods - What's your favorite that you've done? What's on your "To-do" list?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NumberThree View Post
    What particular battery did you choose?
    Under $100.
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    Bar risers, taller bars, extended cables, and a SS braided brake line. The front brake is awesome now.

    Next on the list is some wider footpegs, because ouch. Then hand guards and a skid plate. Probably ought to get some racks as well. . .because why not?!?
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    The two best mods so far:

    1) Removing the bike and title from the PO's hands. (her husband stopped at the Honda dealer on way home and she put the cash towards a new Honda Shadow cruiser. You Go Girl!
    2) Adding 141 miles worth of smiles riding it home (even if 100 miles was in the rain) after my daughter drove me to Deland-Daytona to pick it up.


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    Quote Originally Posted by joeband View Post
    Is he back to making these for tw200 or did you get lucky and find a rare pair?
    I bought them from PlacerLode. He had access to any pegs on the market and he chose these for his personal bikes.

    I have no experience with aftermarket pegs, but I am more than satisfied with them. I would make a personal mod, but that's just me. They are super grippy, make shifting easier (for me - 5''11" size 12 feet with stock shifter). Look great (I wish I could fabricate that well). I'm no welding expert but they look like they will outlast me, and then some.
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    I have used the Pro Moto Billet Fastway footpegs.

    The KX 85 foot peg with fit kit worked perfectly! image1 (16).jpeg image2 (13).jpeg

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    1. LED head light, the oem one uses way to much juice.
    2. I live in Alaska so heated grips are really nice but not needed for everyone.
    3. Bar risers I am 6'3 and even with 2 inch risers it is still small couldn't imagine not having them.
    4. Bead rider seat cover, makes the seat so much more comfortable.
    5. Tusk heavy duty hand guard protectors. This will be the bike that you lay down over and over on the trail protect your levers and hands.
    6. RAM double ball mirrors. They are $150 which is a lot for mirrors but they are so nice. In 2 seconds you can have your mirrors folded down flat. On my KLR I just kept buying new mirrors or using broken ones...that got old.
    7. On my island the top speed is 50 mph so I am fine with OEM gearing but I would spend the $25 and get a 47 tooth rear if I had to ride over 55 mph regularly
    8. A rack system.
    9. Get bigger foot pegs, the stock ones are dangerously small. Nothing wakes you up more than falling off of a peg.
    10. Remove that black plastic junk by the rear tire, like a finder eliminator kit.

    Honorable mentions:
    1. larger gas tank, that 1.8 is annoying but for long hauls I take my KLR so I am not too worried
    2. I have rack that bolts on the top, I should have got the one that mounts on the pegs...looks beefier
    3. Grip pups ($20) on amazon are foam tubes you put on your grips and they eat up a ton of vibration, and the foam insulates your hands from the cold metal bars. However putting grip pups on heated grips is like putting a heater in a freezer. So I only have them on my KLR but would recommend.
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    I just got my 2002 TW 200 about 2 weeks ago. I love it. So far, changed oil, new mirrors, installed a hard case on the luggage rack, bought new gas cap, and have ordered a new seat cover. I really appreciate this forum and all the helpful information.
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    Reading this forum is proving both helpful and a bit expensive. After hearing all the positive comments about the Shinko 241 front tire, I just ordered one. Looking forward to a more stable front end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikedprince View Post
    Reading this forum is proving both helpful and a bit expensive. After hearing all the positive comments about the Shinko 241 front tire, I just ordered one. Looking forward to a more stable front end.
    For years (before I joined the forum) I rode with the stock front tire. Yes it washed out a few times but I thought it was more my skill level than anything to do with the tire (front). Then I joined the forum and found out about the Shinko 244, which was the flavor of the day. I discovered (as others already had) that this was a huge improvement over the stock tire. Then the Shinko 241 came into the picture. The 241's improvement is just as big a jump over the 244 as the 244 was over the stock front tire. You most likely won't be disappointed.
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    Kris, how long have you had TW's? Just curious... How did you happen to come across them in the first place?
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