And so – on to the tail end …..
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Thread: And so – on to the tail end …..

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    And so – on to the tail end …..

    And so – on to the tail end …..

    I switched out the OEM filament bulb for an LED replacement some years ago, but although the wattage is “comparable” to the filament bulb, the overall effect is somewhat less – to the point where the guy following me last week said he couldn’t actually see the brake light in bright sunlight

    I don’t want to go for a complete dedicated LED unit, preferring instead to keep the original “look” of the bike. The OEM bulbs are rated at 21/5w, the standard LED replacements are the equivalent of that, but pretty useless in daylight. Helpfully, the sites selling these things don’t include the relevant wattage in most cases, and as for “Superbright” – they’re not

    I need something a lot brighter, LED (just the bulb), with a personal recommendation - (that way, if it doesn’t work out, I get to stalk you on this board)

    I’ve looked everywhere, and it’s just not happening. Bear in mind that the bulb will be stop light – rear light – and also licence plate light

    They must be out there, but for the life of me, I can’t find them

    The alternatives are to revert to filament, or fit an auxiliary

    Answers on a postcard please ……

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    I use one of the lights that blinks quickly and then slows to steady since most of the drivers around here have there noses in their phones rather than on the road, but when I used a led bulb it was from Vision X model HIL-1157W. Never had a problem with it. Seems to be plenty bright. Just looking for something that will make the kids see me sooner.

    Hope this helps.
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    I run an auxiliary brake light on all my bikes. OEMs are notoriously hard to see and "reportedly" (I read somewhere), a single function light is quicker to be seen than a combo multi-function light. Doubt that? Notice all the new school buses have isolated single use rear lights. Turn, brake, and signal are separated.

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    I'm running the OEM/original incandescents front & rear. If they ever do blow out (going on 13 years now) I might try an LED. But never heard anyone tell me they couldn't see me from the rear or front either so not looking to re-invent the wheel either.

    I deal with LED's on an almost daily basis for architectural lighting and theatrical lighting. Longevity seems to be the ultimate goal but similar to what Purple said in his original post, I've had a lot of trial & errors when lighting a section of my building that is in eye sight of the old fashioned lamps. Not all LED's are that great.
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    not about lights but running same front as you. Very stable in corners on tarmac.
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    I don't know if you've tried them or not but, if not, look up;
    I have purchased off that site for a number of years and, they're very good at what they do. They handle every kind of LED light, including residential, auto, motorcycle, RV and a whole lot more.
    They explain everything you need to know about LEDs and, what's best in all given situations. Might be worth a looksee to you. Good luck.
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