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Thread: Trail Tech Vapor + Trail Tech Light Dashboard + LED cheapo lights on TW200

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by anthonyb View Post
    Main features i was looking for was brightness. I’m only legal to ride in the daytime in Ontario rn. They are very suitable. They do “flow” so idk about legality.. Picture:
    I meant the Vapor/dash indicator lights, but the headlight is cool too.
    In the box you get two options, the normal bulbs or LED ones. I put the Led ones, and they’re plenty bright for daytime aswell

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaZed1 View Post
    Resistors are about the clumsiest, most difficult way to solve the hyper flash issue. Relays for LED use are $5 on ebay and plug-and play.

    I have similar/same indicators on mine. The fronts are white for DRL and then "flow" amber for directional. The rears are red or flowing amber, I guess you can set the red to either brake or taillight. I set them to tail for running lights, but you could also set them to be off normally (except for directional) and illuminate red for braking.

    The odd thing I discovered- presumably because of the circuitry inside to "flow" the LEDs for directional, is these don't need a relay, it's somehow built-in to the indicators. I already had a LED compatible flasher relay and swapped these on. Everything worked fine, when I flipped the blinker switch, the dash indicator would still flash and the "flow" would steadily repeat over and over. BUT, when tested, the bike was still pulsing power to the "turn" wire. My only thought is the blinkers have a tiny internal capacitor and a deliberate delay- so they only stop the turn cycle after about 1 second of continuous no power, and can keep it going during the "blink" when no power is supplied.

    If you remove the blinker relay entirely, the circuit is dead, nothing happens when you move the switch. But a jumper wire works just as well (only difference is the dash indicator just lights steady and no longer blinks), but the function of the lights is unaffected.

    One very strange issue I ran into with mine was the right-hand side would start to flicker between DRL and turn mode when the engine was at or just above idle. Worked perfect while driving, worked perfect with engine off. No loose wires or connectors.

    What I discovered is the wire harness that runs down the spine of the bike had slipped down and was resting right against the ignition coil/plug wire. If I moved the harness slightly up, this flickering stopped. I have to assume these are so sensitive to voltage on the "turn" wire, that being near the high voltage source was inducing just enough to trip them into thinking the "turn" had been activated. I moved the harness up and tossed the worn out factory cable ties and the issue is gone.

    The idiot lights on most bikes are constant power, floating ground. Neutral on the TW, and on other bikes the same for oil pressure or high temp lights. I have a Vapor installed on my Beta dual sport, it's held up perfectly well and has a lot of nice features. As you mentioned it's two little yellow/red warning lights are quite dim (can set them to warn for either a RPM based shift light, or a temperature warning, or both).

    The gauges on most Indian's are re-faced versions of the gauges they use on their ATV's and SxS. Right from the Polaris parts bin.
    You are correct about the flowing LED “built in resistors”, but they flow fast in the rear simply because i have a brake light unit with more turn signals inside.. the front turn signals work perfectly normal because i don’t have any other lights.

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