Which color for the 320 brake caliper adapter?
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    Hello my friends,

    tomorrow I will pick up the new brake caliper adapter for the 320 brake disk.

    I will give the parts to a anodizing company, because I want a good protection for the alloy.

    I get 10 adapters, but I don't really know which colors would be the best.

    Please tell me, which colors do you prefer?


    The question isn't:

    -> What would be look cool?

    it's more:

    -> Would you buy it with this color?

    The best would be something like:

    5x transparent/silver (it's a universal color)

    2x gold

    2x black

    1x red

    Thank you for your help.

    Greetings from Germany.


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    As noted on the original page... black is my colour choice

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