Well, It has started to warm up some, so I've begun the process of getting my new to me 95 Tw up and running. It has been sitting with gas in it for 3 plus years. Got the tank off, and it will need a new petcock assembly. Pulled out the carb, and the throttle slide won't budge. I would like to ask which jet size(s) I should order to richen the fuel mixture so I can have easier starts, less warm up time, cooler running engine, and better throttle response. ( I also plan on shimming the needle ) I will mostly run the bike around 1500 feet in elevation. I am new to this, but feel pretty confident that I can do this by following some of the great directions that I have found on this site. It is a pleasure to be a part of this community, and I have learned a bunch already. (carbs do confuse me a bit ). It is so refreshing to never hear snide remarks, and everyone is always so helpful. The modding has begun, Jimbo shield, (check) cycleracks rack, (on the way) , truck bed liner finish, ( only the tank to go ). Still to come: high rise stock front fender, ( with fabbed mud guard ), rear shock protecting mudguard, wide foot pegs, aftermarket skid plate, bark busters, tool tubes, high bars, better tires & chain, and on, and on, and on. Thanks for your ideas. Rubber side down, Dave