R1 pegs on TW200?
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    Does anyone know if R1 pegs will fit on a TW200 without modification? Want to change my rider's peg style.

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    not sure...wonder what the folding angle is on them...the passenger pegs may also be an option...was looking for some measurements on ebay...sometimes knock off parts have measurements on them but i didn't have any luck...judging by theses photos the angles on the front vs the backs are different...with the barrel style folding r1 pegs, the folding angle wouldn't matter...can't remember if anyone around here has an r1...


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    Well I'll be. Did you get your TW back and I missed it?

    I would say you might need an adapter plate to make that work if you're wanting the whole rearset. If it's just the pegs, you might be able to pull that off pretty easily. May need some spacer washers, but the TW pegs are pretty narrow, so maybe not.

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    Is it safe to assume that you will be riding on the street only? I can seeing the pegs be very slippery if your pegs/boots get wet.
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