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    I have read a lot of sprocket talk on here, but I am wondering if anyone has tested a 15/49? I read that 15/47 doesn't have enough power, and 15/50 is nice for traveling 55-60. Just wondering if anyone has tested 15/49. I am looking to change mine over to more of a highway (Not freeway) setup.
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    ....just more sprocket talk I put a 15/49 on my '95 hoping it's going to be good on the road without sacrificing much in the dirt. I had a new 122 link chain that fits perfectly. I'm still working on the bike so can't give you any test results yet. I'm setting it up for my wife and and she is 130#, so from what I've read, it should work well for her. I'll probably ride it more than she does tho and I'm 230#.

    I'd like to hear others experience with that combo too. I'll let you know what I think when I get the bike done....probably in April.

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    i got a 14/47 oring set up i was looking to install but when i hit the only mountain down south here i made it up in fifth gear. i plan to pack someone soon. so i feel i would have to down shift to fourth to get up the mt. now with the 14/50 when i do pack her. reason i bought it was cruising at 40mph is fine 50mph is screaming.
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