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    So for the past couple weeks I've been slowly restoring my '87. At first I didnt mind it because of all the snow we've been getting but since the nice weather has rolled in I want to get this over with!

    I was about to order a new intake boot as mine had been repaired by the PO and it just split as I was removing the carb. $46! YEA RIGHT! So I pulled mine apart. It has been repaired using some kind of epoxy type of deal. I just put the metal tab in a nice and chipped the epoxy away with a hammer and flathead.

    Once I got it apart I could see its just a cast metal base with a rubber tube bonded to it. I chipped off the bigger pieces of epoxy and used an Xacto knife to shave everything down to bare metal. *Note To Self* Why didnt I buy myself a Dremel years ago? Could have saved a ton of time with one on this project.

    I measured everything so I could go on ebay searching for a boot off a different bike/atv. I came up with nothing.

    I think I will epoxy/weld a metal tube to the base so I can simply slip a rubber hose over it and secure either end with a hose clap. If I did this I could just replace the hose once it shrinks or gets hard over time. Of course this is harder than my other idea. Idea #2 is trying to epoxy/glue a rubber hose right to the metal. A lot simpler but not as good.

    I think you should be able to get to the folder with the rest of the pictures which I will add as I move along with the project. Here are a few dimensions for starters.

    IMG_3727 by BC4Lyphe, on Flickr

    IMG_3725 by BC4Lyphe, on Flickr

    Note- the angle of the intake is built into the metal base

    IMG_3722 by BC4Lyphe, on Flickr

    IMG_3735 by BC4Lyphe, on Flickr

    Note- the diameter of the metal intake tapers in by about 0.350"

    IMG_3733 by BC4Lyphe, on Flickr

    62mm spacing

    IMG_3729 by BC4Lyphe, on Flickr

    The familiar M6x1.0 screw holds intake to cylinder

    IMG_3728 by BC4Lyphe, on Flickr

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    Looks like you're on the right track. Let us know what you come up with. I bit the bullet and bought a Dremel last year. It saved me tons of time and money and should have bought one years ago. Keep up the good work.
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