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    I previously ran a medium ALICE pack on my cycleracks, which was great. The straps were very long and could be used to secure things over top of the pack if they didn't fit in. Recently though, a friend of mine who is selling his house gave me his large ALICE pack, so I swapped packs on the rack. The large ALICE is even'll fit a huge amount of stuff, plus has some more pockets for little things. It can be nicely cinched down when empty. Now a lot of the stuff I'd strap overtop of the medium pack when travelling, can fit into the large pack and be better protected from road dust, rain, sun, etc...

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    Iwas thinking about how to put my medium ALICE with the frame on my rack. Only make it quick to take off and put back on. I have not figured it out yet.
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    Thanks for the reminder. I'll use my large Alice on my TW this summer for my central Idaho ride. I also use my horse saddle bags for the TW and an ATV tank bag during normal trail rides.
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    Does the pack you're using have the frame, shoulder straps or waist belt? I ask because I found one I can get brand new for $43.29 shipped, but it does not come with those 3 items.
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    Nice bag, most of my gear is military surplus, can't beat it.
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    Setting your large and medium Alice packs, back to back, and vertical, substantially increases carrying capacity.

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    Mine is minus frame and straps. There are straps on the bottom of the pack that secure it beautifully to the rack. I use some paracord to secure the top. It makes for a very stable but relatively quick to remove setup...

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