Admission of Guilt
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Thread: Admission of Guilt

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    When gas was nearly $5/gallon in 2008, I got a wild hair and out of nowhere decided to buy a TDub. I read and research numerous reviews and opinions.

    So I went to the local Yamaha shop and to buy a Black 2008 TW 200. It was listed at $3299, Black on Black. The salesman disappeared for about 30 min and came back and said I wasn't approved for this $3299 motorcycle but that I WAS approved for the $7000 WR 250 that could "Go on the freeway!"

    So I walked out and drove 20 miles to another Yamaha dealer and walked out 45 min later with my white 2008 TW 2000 for $3299, a $450 Arai helmet, a $400 credit for a bent clutch lever (with the replacement lever) and I was hooked.

    I don't know how I found the forum but I wam embarassed and proud to say that I read every post on the old site and have read every post in the Performance and Customization columns. Not so many in the others. Plenty, but not all.'

    Which brings me to the reason for this fun rant. There are days when I look 3, 4, 5 or more times with anticipation of new updates or photos of fellow members, pics or comments. There are days sometimes 2 or 3 without any new posts and I feel like an addict needing my fix.

    Will anyone else admit out loud that they share the same sentiments or addiction that I do? I already know of a few, so make sure you speak up or I will call you out on the national TDUB broadcast website.

    We had 29 responses in less than 24 hours before they moved it to the General Topic Column and ZERO since.

    Maybe we can keep it in the Performance forum or maybe in the OFF TOPIC.

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    Born on a Honda Z50, '78 YZ 80, '79 Husky WR 250

    2008 TDub--Jimbo Shield, Lizard Oil Cooler, Blaster Shock, YZ Hybrid Forks, Supermoto front fender, ATV Bars, Acerbis Brake Cover, 1460 Pelican Case, Cycle Rack, Power Core, Gold Chain.

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    Guilty as charged................. 5 times a day.. My bad...............This is my fav. site. OMM.

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    i check it everyday.
    2006 tw200

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    Its a form of voyeurism and a community. Its a way we verify that we know something and that we feel confident about what we are doing, buying, trying, or saying. I have published scholarly articles on technical scientific topics that were only read by a few hundred people, and some of them might not have been paying attention. My write-up on how to retify a battery connection problem on the Kawasaki EN500 has been pinned and read by nearly 5000 people. Maybe I missed my calling by going into science (now retired) than into MC advice. I'll also admit to straying away for a few days or weeks when I see the same questions being asked again and again because folks don't bother to use the search function or to read. But then I'm back to see how the old gang is doing. Cheers. Tom
    Tom - TW200 2002, Kawasaki VN 500 2006

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    Central New Mexico

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    Guilty.............. and I'm not ashamed to admit it!.This is such a dedicated forum to a much underappreciated DS bike......if the rest of the world,would put their arrogance and macho BS aside,they too would see the true value of a TW200!.One of the last carbed DS bikes still in production.......and yea,what happens when ones battery dies / fails etc. on an injected bike....hope you have good walking shoes in the bag.

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    Guilty as charged, Sir.

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    I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that it may incriminate me.......

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    Thinking causes wrinkles

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    Add me to the list of guilty folks.
    Not all men are capable of greatness, but all possess toughness.
    2001 TW a mod or two maybeHidden Content

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    Yup guilty

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