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    So I figured I would never ride double on the bike so I decided to shorten the seat and make room to build a rack.

    I pulled out all the staples from the seat up to the strap, folded the leather back, and cut off the rear just behind the bolt holes in the seat. Here is a pic:

    Next I heated up the seat with a heat gun and stuffed as much stuffing as I could into the seat (cut up one of my wife's pillows).

    I then heated and stretched the leather and stapled it. I didn't have short enough staples so I took 1/4" staples and cut them off to around 1/8". I used both sizes depending on where I was stapling.

    Here is a pic with it sitting on the bike.

    Next I started on the rack.

    Here it is with the cross pieces on.

    Here it is welded and painted up.

    Here it is all put back together.

    Here is a close up of the rack.

    I've never built a rack before but thought it turned out alright. Now I need to figure out what to do next (besides driving it of course :-)

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    Well done sir................. OMM.

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    That looks great, nice work!
    Only a fool would attempt it, and God help me, I am that fool!

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    Looks great!

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    That looks great. Had a dream the other night that I had figured how to put a tractor seat on mine lol. The ongoing obsession to keep the backside happy is a challenge. Yours is the best one I have seen to date. As we most ride single I would think, the extra space back there will be helpful. Next will be a backrest that will incorporate tiedowns for the adventure into the unknown.

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    [img][/img]My link

    That looks great,

    Very well done.

    I did a 1/2" sq. tube rack to copy cycleracks look.

    I have an 80mm motar ammo box and a Kolpin 1.5 gal fuel mounted.

    It works very well, even if I endo like Saturday............ man I'm sore today.


    PS are you removing buddy pegs?

    Can't seem to get Photobucket to load my pic
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    Thanks for all the compliments,

    The rear pegs are removed. I did it right after the pictures were taken. I went on vacation the day after I finished it so I haven't tried the seat yet but can't wait to get back and try it.

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    Very nice clean look. I like that you put tabs on your rack to bolt the tool tubes to.

    I love the ingenuity on this forum.

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    You done a fine thing sir. The seat concept is makes my brain tickle. Perhaps its time for another build.
    Persistence is the better part of genius.

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    That looks great. It looks like the rack is a perfect place for the hand cuffs too when you are done with them. (I had to be that guy).
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