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    hey forum,

    after looking at more than a thousand exhausts, i finally made up my mind.. i'm going to make my own exhaust. and here comes the reason for this post -----> i have no idea what kind of dimensions i should/could use to make the exhaust good/better for my performance

    the things i do know is that i would like it to be a slip on; and slip directly to the downpipe so that it will stay within my frame just behind/next to the rear wheel..

    so here the question--> is it doable; should/can i make it a hollow pipe or use packing; what kind of packing should i use; and what type of matterial should i use...?

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    Everything is doable. In the case of the TW, just look at all the asian custom bikes. They run quite a few different exhaust systems. If you want to make it worth your while, make it out of nice enough materials like stainless steel with packing that won't burn up quickly like fiberglass does.. Stainless steel wool I guess? But then you need a way to roll stainless sheet (it's more tricky to work with than aluminum or steel) and then a way to weld it up. If you've ever looked at aftermarket (or even factory) sport bike mufflers, they're just cans with a tube in the middle and steel wool surrounding the tube. The caps are typically riveted into place or screwed into place so you can service the packing.

    From most of what I've read about custom exhausts on a TW they're only going to help out minimally on the top end. It's not like putting a pipe on something like a KLR 650 and rejetting it where it'll suddenly pull the front wheel up off of the ground.

    To me it's not worth it because these bikes run at such high RPM just going 55mph. Your right ear will hate you after a while. Here's a bike I built last year

    Looks cool right? Well the straight through exhaust only really helped you up over 10000 RPM as compared to stock and it probably damaged hearing in my left ear after riding it on the highway.

    I think you SHOULD try to make your own exhaust in the name of discovery and teaching yourself new skills. I just don't want you to get your hopes up that it'll be 1) cost effective 2) functional
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    I have to agree with Silverhead. I have 'fabbed' some custom pipes in my past for the sole propose of clearances. Only to wish I hadn't lost the stock decibel level. Was a good learning experience nun the less. TIM
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    thanks dudes,

    you just spiked my motivation! =]

    I will begin and make a nice diary about it for this forum!

    (realy like those scrambler pipes on your bike mr.silverhead as for the rest of the bike....... job well done!)


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    Find the diameter of the pipe you want. Go to a muffler shop and they will bend out the pipe how you want. They will also weld on a flange. now if you want a slip on then thats fine. If you have the muffler you can have them weld on the muffler as well to make it a solid piece rather than pieces. Just make sure to take your bike with you so you can test if as they make it.

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