Which air filters for a TW125
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    I want to strip most things away from my TW 125cc (2004), part of this is doing the so called 'hollow mod' and I'm currently looking for a matching air filter.

    I like foam filters, and in another thread I found a link to these Uni filters:


    But which size do I need for a 125cc? Does anybody know a TwinAir filter that works?

    For the crankcase filter I see most people tend to go with a K&N 62-2480, does this also fit a 125 or only a 200?


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    the crank case filter will fit on the TW 125 for sure..

    about the air filter, i use a K&N RC-1350.. and it's air flow is great! higly reccomend it. =]

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    I used UNI PK-52 filters for my hollow mod. because they are fairly cheap and you get two. I am of the opinion that it is not especially necessary to get anything but a regular old foam filter for these mods. but thats just me. These ones are mine.


    The pk-52 is for 46-43mm applications. smallest size they have is the pk-22 fits 38-35mm. I used the elbow portion of a radiator hose to keep the filter from hitting my battery box and mono shock. Which is why I got the larger one. These are made out of pretty flexible rubber so if you get one that is a bit too big a nice butterfly clamp will snug it down fine onto your carb or hose. I hope this helps. Sorry I dont know the o.d. Measurements of the 125 carb inlet.
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    I got a RU-1780 - Universal Rubber Filter. You want a slight bend in the filter or it will hit your leg. The bend allow it to curve to stay under the seat. Now I have a TW200 not a TW125. Go to K&N site. Your gonna use the stock boot. So measure that and refer to the site to see if it fits. If its too big you can see their chart and get the right one. Good luck. Take some pictures next time and post. This is a great forum and everybody wants to help and pictures help tell your problem alot.

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