Troubleshooting: Protaper ATV High Handlebar Swap
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    I don't have the Pro Taper bars, but I do have bars that are even higher. I ran my throttle cable up and over the back bone of the bike directly underneath the tank. My dad's bike does have the Pro Taper bars and I ran his throttle cable through the little "window" next to the coil. This gave me enough length.

    What year is your bike? If its 2000 or older I'd be happy to send you some pictures of what I did. Let me know.
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    Hi Proud,

    I don't think that there is anything different, or wrong, with your bars or your bike. It's been a few years since I put the same bars on my 2005, but I remember my experience to be about the same as yours. Especially regarding the brake line. I also had to trim the sheath and slide it up through the grommet as you did. I actually nicked the brake line with the razor blade I was using but fortunately it was just the rubber jacket and it has worked fine for me for ever since.

    I don't remember exactly what I had to do so the throttle cables wouldn't bind, but I remember it took me about three tries of mounting, removing and remounting everything until I found something that would work. Like Rainman suggests, you may have to remove your tank to remove some mounting ties that are securing your throttle cables and then reroute them to pick up the necessary slack. I am pretty sure that is what I had to do also.

    Don't get too discouraged. I find that most things that other guys say took them 30 minutes, will take me at least a couple of hours.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Proud Highway View Post
    I am a new TW owner and I recently purchased a pair of Protaper ATV High handlebars to improve ergonomics. I'm in the process of a very lengthy install job and I've hit a few snags.

    Throttle Cables: I have tried every way possible and there is no way for the throttle cables to reach w/o binding unless I: (1) cut down the bars; (2) have longer throttle cables made; or (3) route the throttle cables behind the tripple clamps.

    Is there a problem with option #3? I'd obviously need to devise a way or fabricate a bracket to keep the throttle cables in place and free from snags.

    Front Brake: The front brake line was about 1" too short. I placed the bike on a lift and found that the brake line had enough slack by moving it up through the grommets, trimming the outer sheathing and clipping the zip tie behind the headlight. Once I get everything situated i plan place another zip tie behind the headlight assembly to secure the brake line. Did anyone have to do this? Anyone see a problem with this?

    As a side note, I have searched/read all the threads on the Protaper ATV highs and never heard of these types of problems. I can only guess that something on my TW or the dimensions of the bar are different from those whom have described this as being a 30 minute job.

    I litterally just put the same bars on my bike 2 days ago. I have a 2009. This was my first semi-major improvement to my Tdub since I just purchased it as my first bike 2 weeks ago.

    I found for me that they were too long so I chopped mine on the #3 mark. When it was time to put all the doodads back onto the bars I ran into the same problem. I loosened some of the clamps down toward the forks and was able to pull them through with enough slack to spare. I just zip tied everything together and Walah!

    Im not sure if you chopped your bars or not, or if the cables would be long enough if you hadn't, but thats just how my experience was.

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    I think Spiegler for cables

    lockheart for hoses ?

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    I did these last month. I found that if I rotated the bars forward just a tad beyond "inline" to the forks when viewed from the side the throttle just makes it. This needs to be done anyway so you don't feel like your on a 70's enduro.

    As far as the brakes go I just decided to let them be short and they are now a 2 finger affair. Honestly I really love them this way now.
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