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    I'm in the process of buying new road tires for my TW. I'm looking at the Bridgstone and Shinko brands.

    You guys with knowledge have a preference of one over the other? Wear, traction, ride????????

    2006 TW200

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    I haven't had any experience with Shinko road tires, but the Bridgestone street tires for the TW are pretty amazing. You can get a lot of lean, good grip, just keep your pressures right. They're capable enough for you to leave the pavement without panicking as well. The rear will last nearly forever, the front definitely can't be overinflated though. They're so thick it seems overheating at TW speeds won't be a cause of much wear, as well.

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    I won't ride Shinkos after a friend blew one out while riding and I about slid in a circle on dry pavement when turning a corner with mine. They were on Vespa scooters though, so it might not apply in any way to full sized motorcycle tires. Other people here like them. I always overpay for motorcycle tires for name brands made in either USA, Italy, UK, or Japan. I hate Chinese stuff typically and hate supporting China (or more to the point 'cheap America' in any way.)

    I like the look of the TW203 and TW204 tires and I trust Bridgestone as a company. I run OEM rear Bridgestone on my Kawasaki and my TW is old and has the original 1993 Bridgestone tires on it. They're not weather cracked anywhere. (Some of that has to do with it being stored indoors I'm sure.) But they're more than 20 years old and still look completely fine.

    I have no idea about wear. The TW is light, so I imagine almost any tire wears really well on it as compared to a bigger bike. I always prefer traction to wear and cost. I almost always pony up for name brand tires (which Bridgestone is over Shinko.)

    My local moto repair guy can get me the TW203/TW204 combo for about 188 dollars total after tax, so I'm probably going to buy those and mount them up soon.

    I'm using my bike to commute to work and I'll still ride it offroad with those street tires. It sits low enough that I can use my legs to catch myself on kick-outs in the mud. I live in the flat lands though, so I don't have the traction need to climb rocky mountains like other owners do.
    1993 TW200

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    My wife and I run the front tire................. 5,000 miles so far and reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly like them... They have a good feel in corners and for the amount of off road riding we do they are just fine... OMM.

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    the difference in price isn't that $30 extra to go with bridgestones over shinkos i think (according to procycle)...that's not much for a little piece of mind...i have bridgestones on my other bike and i'm running the stock bridgestones on my tw...i like to go with more proven companies when it comes to tires...if michelin made tires for the tw i would dump bridgestone in a heartbeat

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