Newbie showing off my bike and looking for some advice
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    Hello all, I just bought a 1991 TW200 with 6500 miles. In my opinion it is in excellent shape. I got it for $1125 which I thought was a very good price. The bike runs great and everything works perfect. The only thing it could use is some new tires. My plan is to mainly use the bike as my commuter back and forth to work as I only have a 10 mile drive of 35-55mph roads. I might also hit the dirt on the rare occasion just for some fun. I would estimate my usages will be 75% road and 25% off road. With all of this being said I have a small list of add ons/modifications I would like to do and I am looking for some opinions, advice, and hopefully some estimates of what I should hope to pay for each (I am a cheap ass!!!) There are some really sweet bikes on here that have had a lot of work done, I am not looking to go crazy, just the essentials.

    - Windshield: This is the easy one. I think I am going to go with the Jimbo shield in grey ($55)

    - Hand guards: I am looking for something in black. Not sure if I should go with the type that mount on both ends or just the inside? ($?)

    - Tires: Most of the use will be on the road but I'd like something that won't be totally lost in the dirt and won't kill my wallet ($?)

    - Luggage bag/box: I am having trouble finding one I like. Most are too big for what I am looking for. I would like to find one about 12-14" across, 10" front to back and 8" high. I don't care if it is hard or soft sided but I want plain black and if it is a box I don't want a shiny finish.($)

    - Larger footpegs: I am on the fence about this. The stock ones are fine. Is it worth the $60 to upgrade for my short rides?

    Those are the things that come to mind. Is there anything I am missing or other cheap/easy things I might want to consider? I have had a few dirt bikes but this will be the first bike I have ever ridden on the street. My plan is to keep it cheap and simple. Save some gas and have a little fun.

    If I can figure out how to post photos I will do that soon.

    Thanks in advance.

    1991 TW200: Jimbo windshield, oversized foot pegs, quick release seat bolts, Tusk D-Flex hand guards, Yamaha luggage rack, Emgo trunk, 2 storage tubes, Bridgestone TW203/204 tires, LED taillight.

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    I used for hand guards. So far they are great!

    Stock rear tire is good on road and decent off, as long as you stay away from the mud!. The kenda or the Shinko are both great for the front, my Kenda has worn quickly though with mostly road use.

    2001 TW

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    Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of T-dubbing! Sounds like you got a good deal on your bike, congrats.

    - Windshield: Smart thinking on the Jimbo shield, these things ought to come stock on the bike. It makes the bike much more enjoyable to ride on the street.

    - Hand guards: The ones that just connect on the inside (deflectors) just deflect wind, they don't protect your controls in a crash. If you're riding off road at I'll I'd recommend the wrap-around ones. I have the Tusk D-flex ones and they've saved my butt dozens of times.

    These ones with the big spoilers are great!

    - Tires: What SZJ said. I have the Shinko 244 up front and I love it. The 241 comes highly recommended as well.

    - Luggage bag/box: Have you looked at the Pelican cases? I think they make one in about that size. Spendy though, I use an old dewalt tool box with the fins cut out. $5 from goodwill!

    - Larger footpegs: I thought the stock ones were fine too before I got the DMO pegs. I was wrong, the stock pegs suck and I just didn't realize it. Well worth the $60 to me.

    If I were you I'd think about getting a Cycleracks rear rack too. Not exactly cheap ($200), but infinitely useful for toting stuff around and it offers impressive protection for when you dump it on the trail.

    Enjoy your bike, looking forward to the pics as you start modding it up!
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    As you live in the northern climes, you might consider before oct is a set of snowmobile handlbar gloves. They slide right over the grips with plenty of room for controls. I sure like mine. Put them on my tw and my 1500 vulcan.

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    I have posted a few pictures of the bike right after I brought it home.

    DonBenito, it already has a rack. It's not quite as nice as the cyclerack one but it will do for me.

    I think I have pretty much decided on the Bridgestone TW203/204 for the tires.

    This is about the closest thing I have found to what I want for a bag to mount to my luggage rack so far.

    1991 TW200: Jimbo windshield, oversized foot pegs, quick release seat bolts, Tusk D-Flex hand guards, Yamaha luggage rack, Emgo trunk, 2 storage tubes, Bridgestone TW203/204 tires, LED taillight.

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    Browse craigslist. There are some really cheap items on there. Much better than buying brand new.
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    - Windshield: Agree with this one. Had it since December and really like it.

    - Hand guards: I too have the Tusk D-Flex handguards. I've layed it over once and put a few scratches on them, they held up well.

    - Tires: I have the stock rear tire, and just put the Shinko 244 on the front yesterday. HUGE improvement!

    - Luggage bag/box: I've got a Pelican 1450 on the rear of mine. There's a lot of options out there, find the one that's right for you and your uses. (Please no milk crates )

    - Larger footpegs: I'm still rocking the stock pegs, so no input here. I really don't have any plans of replacing them any time soon.

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    Well, a herniated disk in my back 2 days after buying the bike put me on the sideline for a while. Talk about horrible timing. While I have been letting the back heal up I have been doing a bit a tinkering. Mostly the standard mods. I do have a pretty sweet custom manufactured aluminum mounting plate setup for some storage tubes that I am eager to show off. I am hoping to be back on the bike next week and I will be sure to post some new updated pictures.

    In the meantime I have already been searching for my next add on. I know I want to change the rear brake light but I am not sure how. I am debating between just a new LED taillight with license plate mount or a tail light with integrated turn signals so I can remove my rear turn signals all together.

    New LED Motorcycle Taillight Tail Light Honda Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki KTM Harley | eBay


    Motorcycle Cat Eye LED Brake Tail Light Integrated with Turn Signals Harley KTM | eBay

    I realize if I do the one with the integrated turn signals I have to change out my relay. I am not exactly sure what all that might entail but I feel confident I can make it work. Is anyone out there using something similar to the cateye one that they could post some pictures of?

    I also think I might get a fresh seat cover. Seems like $35 dollars that will go a long way toward a cleaner look. I kind of like the 2 tone ones.

    On a more technical side, after taking the wheels off to get the tires changed I realized that my chain and sprockets are not in the greatest shape. I think I will ride it as is for the summer and then when the weather turns this fall I will take the time to teach myself how to change the oil and while I am at it get myself setup with a new oring chain and either a 14/47 or replace the existing 14/50 sprocket setup.

    By the way, you guys are all awesome and sooooo helpful. I have spent a lot of time on here doing research. My girlfriend is starting to think I am getting obsessed.

    Well that is the end of my Friday night I need a life!
    1991 TW200: Jimbo windshield, oversized foot pegs, quick release seat bolts, Tusk D-Flex hand guards, Yamaha luggage rack, Emgo trunk, 2 storage tubes, Bridgestone TW203/204 tires, LED taillight.

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    nice bike. i have a 1450 pelican case, just about the exact dimensions you described. i too would go for handguards that attach at both ends, better protection in the event of a fall. same for the larger foot pegs, they make a big difference once you get them on.

    i hope you get better soon and back on it.

    1994 TW226- 6spd. 10w-40 synthetic, XTHidden Content , XT225 stainless header, +2" Joemama swingarm, lizrd cooler, +20% fork springs, +25% rear spring, 2001 speedo w/ trip odo, pro taper atv bars, bark busters, shinko 241 front tire, front fender w/ mr bracket bracket, Hidden Content , o-ring chain, ricochet skid plate, Hidden Content , XT225 rear brake cam lever, folding-tip shifter, cycle rack, kolpin 1.5 aux tank & 1450 pelican case. Hidden Content or Hidden Content

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    Lifesah0liday - I had a look at the two tail lights you posted about and I am forced to say I do not like either of them.

    My reason for this is safety . It is a well known fact that motorcycle visibility is a huge problem - cage drivers just do not see us. Although I am confident that the LED units put out lots of light - they are very small and I wonder if that would make them less visible ?

    I like a BIG HONKING tail light - and signal lights sticking out the sides. I want other drivers to see me at all times.

    You might want to rethink changing your tail light and signals.

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