Cheap Chinese Hand Guards Review
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    Cheap Chinese Hand Guards Review

    So, every now and then, I decide I want something really bad. After replacing 3 bent levers, I decided it was time for handguards. Or training wheels. I looked at all the brands I could and all ran up a not-so-bad bill of about $80. When searching eBay for a good deal though, I noticed these $36 guards! And they were aluminum-backed and was available in black! So I threw the dice and ordered them. I couldn't find a review on them, so I thought I should post up my experience. Everything appears to be made of cheap steel (no duh) but they really do look nice! I will put on a picture this weekend! Now, here is the issue I had, these were supposedly made to fit the TW handlebars. But the end that goes in to the bars (under the grip) looked like (and felt like) it was made for a MUCH smaller bar. So I maxed out the tensioning device on it before I decided to remove it and add some material to it using what I had around the garage. I ended up using general use grip tape. They cleared the lever on the left side just fine with no drama (about 1/8" clearance) but on the right side, it was much tighter. It touched the brake fluid reservoir, but only. No problems there! Then, when I went to clamp the other end to the bars, it looked like the clamps were made for much LARGER bars! ARG! But then I had a creative solution. I cut two 2" strips of serpentine belt. I figured since a serpentine is designed to grab tight on both sides, this would be favorable. I used it on the left and right clamps and, to my surprise, they bit hard! The guards are in place, nice and tight. So, it took some fighting, but I really think they were worth the $36. Will I replace them? Eventually, yes. I like a super clean fitment, and this doesn't meet my extra-strict criteria, plus I want Pro-Taper bars. But, if, like me, you fall over a lot and have a trip coming up, do not hesitate to get this cheap insurance. They look good, function exactly as they should, but be ready to fight a bit getting them on. If anyone has any questions, please let me know, I will be more than happy to answer!

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    It's possible that your mounting kit was for Fatbars. They generally come with shims to reduce the mount radius to suit standard 7/8" bars. Consider contacting the supplier to see if they will work with you by supplying hardware for steel bars.

    The correct hardware kit has fatter inserts for the bar ends as well.

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