Raising The Handlebars
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Thread: Raising The Handlebars

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    Raising The Handlebars

    Raising The Handle Bars

    Hurray...just bought my first TW that is 1,300 miles away. We bought a place in Arizona and I called the local dealer and got a closeout on a 2013. He is going to hold it for me until the temperature drops below 120 degrees and we make it down in October.

    Question I am 6'4" and want to raise the handlebars so I can ride the pegs without being so hunched over.

    How high can I go without altering cables
    What is the best way
    What are the preferred handlebars

    Thanks for the response


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    I'm 5'12 and I raised mine 1 1/8" and am really liking it. I think for my height its perfect. I think I would have found 2" too much. I'm still using stock bars but if you want to switch there's some nice bars on procycle.us

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    Is 5'12 Canadian for 6 foot?

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    I'm 5'17" and am very pleased with my ROX 2" riser. Much better adjustability than bars & takes 15 mins. to install. Search for my post about a month ago for pix...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIGFOOT View Post
    I'm 5'17"...
    OK, as my first post, and as a Canadian as well, that's funny.
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