Muffler Suggestions
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    Muffler Suggestions

    I am a 45 year bike rider but new to TW's so have lots of questions.

    I would like to put on an exhaust that has a bit more "Authority" in its sound without being loud. I would also not like to do a lot of carb work.

    Ideas and suggestions??



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    DG or FMF. Shouldnt have to rejet with either but it would hurt to go up a size on the jets with them.
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    Stock muffler - with the internal baffle cut out?

    That's how I run, but it does require cutting the muffler apart and then welding it back together. Some folk may not want to get into that.

    It is a bit louder, definitely being more authoratative sounding than stock.

    It works perfect for me, as I come from the school of thought where it's cool to use stock-LOOKING parts that are internally modified for higher-than-stock performance.

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