My TW 200 custom build No 1... 97% finished
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    My TW 200 custom build No 1... 97% finished

    hi guys, i'm new to the TW's and only bought one 6 months ago because it was going cheap( I have 3 now!), since then i started to search google, mainly for parts as at first were not readily available here and started seeing customised TW's all over and liked what i saw!...

    Most of you on this site would be shocked at the condition of the TW's here in Thailand where i live, 95% are heaps of shit left to ruin by short term owners, i live on an island where lots of people come to do dive courses from between 3-12 months so many buy a bike to run around on, dont care about servicing or maintaining them, i would say 99% of them wouldnt even know how to tighten a rear brake, they just buy them because they think they 'look cool' on a big bike as opposed to a honda wave or click.
    if it starts and drives thats all they see and care about, so tyres are slicks, lights dont work, exhausts blow, oil rarely changed, panels are held on with tape and zip ties..1 TW i bought had the rear foot peg welded on rather then the owner goto the hardware shop and buy a nut n bolt!!!
    There are NO laws here regarding road worthiness, so some bikes you see here are a joke...!!
    anyway due to these reasons and knowing a bit about cars n bike myself i have managed to buy 3 TW's separately for a total of $1239US!!

    so here are some photos of the 1st re-build i have done, its not totally finished yet but other work has put it on hold.

    i was going to buy a new swingarm from japan but managed to extend the old one myself with help from this site, some you-tube clips and a welder guy who charged me 500THB/ $15 (gotta love thailand for labour costs).

    supertrapp exhaust from bangkok(2nd hand japan import)

    got new swingarm bushes from US ebay,

    re-wired new light switch and bungbon start/stop throttle,

    re-wired everything else after years of bodging buy tight arsed owners!

    new clutch

    new head gaskets

    sent every nut, bolt, spring, washer, sprocket, spokes n nipples (6KG's) away to TW guys in bangkok who cleaned and zinc plated everything and posted it back at a cost of $30!!

    stripped, cleaned re-sprayed everything in 2k

    i spent a day building and truing the wheels with help from you tube, some clamps and plywood

    2nd hand bridgestones came as spares with 1 of the other bikes i bought.

    i have sprayed another tank gloss black which needs polishing and fitting and getting a new seat cover made.

    i want to get a smaller battery tray and some indicators, also get a small licence plate made..only to stop the spray up my back.....hardly any bikes here have any ID...and a licence to drive is optional!!haha

    p.s can someone advise me how to post more photo, it seems i can only upload 5


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    Looks good and sounds like you have all the projects you can handle!! I think you are limited in the number of photos you can load on one post. Just post another reply and add more photos.

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    ok, here's some more

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    i dont know WTF happened to the above post...i'm losing interest in this rapidly...last try...!!

    well that seemed to like i said i vneed to fit front fender, freshly painted tank, seat cover, licence plate for a fender and just ordered some indicators from japan.

    i will also get the metal work guy to make me a stainless steel thin battery tray so the rear shock area is totally clear.

    oh..and need to resolve the oil issue!!!!

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    i'm not the biggest fan of hollow mods, but your's is really fresh looking. nice job.
    1994 TW226- 6spd. 10w-40 synthetic, XTHidden Content , XT225 stainless header, +2" Joemama swingarm, lizrd cooler, +20% fork springs, +25% rear spring, 2001 speedo w/ trip odo, pro taper atv bars, bark busters, shinko 241 front tire, front fender w/ mr bracket bracket, Hidden Content , o-ring chain, ricochet skid plate, Hidden Content , XT225 rear brake cam lever, folding-tip shifter, cycle rack, kolpin 1.5 aux tank & 1450 pelican case. Hidden Content or Hidden Content

    Hidden Content

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    loose the seat and get e new one!

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    thanks joeband, i wasnt too keen on the long swing arm to start so only extended mine 5", i think they look a little short with the massive tyre when you remove alll the plastics and rear fender. but check out the photo i added, this is from a thai guy who did all the zincing for me.

    tuhinuhi i am getting another seat cover made in bangkok tomorrow but keeping the original shape.
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    Looking very cool!
    I love that you're doing it on a budget too!
    Finally picked up a Tdub...

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    great job!...def digging the clear plastic rear mud guard...i was thinking of doing something similar with mine but with shower wall solid white plastic that i have laying around but i haven't gotten to it yet and the sheet aluminum one i have there now is doing ok...the tire just bottoms out on it if i have a passenger...maybe i should look at a stiffer spring

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