Removing Knobby Tires
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    Removing Knobby Tires

    About 90% of my riding will be our outpost Arizona neighborhood with an occasional desert trail ride. Nothing technical. I am getting old and want a smooth ride on the streets.


    Will removing the knobby make a smoother ride

    Can I still ride gravel desert roads Ok

    Thanks for responding

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    The 203/204's should provide some what of a smoother ride and will still handle dirt roads fine. I'm not too sure how much smoother out will make it though, might not be a huge amount.

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    My wife and I put on just the front tire and it made a huge difference................ And it wears so much better..... We ride many gravel roads here in mich without any problem.. The only thing that tire hates is deep mich sugar sand..But then the stock tire hated sand too...OMM.

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