Fall changes...racks and camo
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Thread: Fall changes...racks and camo

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    Fall changes...racks and camo

    Recently, I have put my TW through a transformation in preparation for fall. Normally, my bike is a daily commuter, so I love the white to help be seen by the idiot cagers. I finally got around to building myself a set of racks inspired by the previous work of r80rt and Toyanvil. Front is from 1/2" steel tubing, 11" x 12". Rear is 1/2" solid 6061 aluminum bar, 16" x 23.5". I have also obtained a second tank and a second set of plastics over the past year, so I went with a camo scheme for hunting season...or the Zombie Apocalypse. I decided to use Plastidip (https://www.dipyourcar.com/home.php), mainly because I wanted to be able to remove it from the tank at least in the future. I think it came out pretty good. My first attempt. It's mostly freehand with a couple of stencils that I cut out of printer paper to add some dimension and to break up some of the color blends. I've added some of the camo form (Camo Form® Reusable Camo Wrap: Conceal Guns and Camouflage Gear - McNett Tactical) around the handguards, etc. I wanted to be able to switch fairly easily back and forth whenever I wanted. You have to love the versatility of this bike! Although, now that it's like this...I don't know if I'll ever switch back.



    front rack:

    rear rack:
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    Great work!

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    Looks great! nice work!

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    The camo looks great, but I especially like your front rack and will do something similar one of these days. Nice job!
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    Nice work!

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    What kind of seat/cover are you using?

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    I like what you've done to the place! One of the best camo jobs I've seen done on any motorcycle. Yea, I'd have a hard time changing back when the seasons change again. Good Job!
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    Love the camo look and would just keep it and buy a yellow helmet for road work. The front rack looks like real crap so just send it to me for recycling

    In other threads we have coined the term "Girly Bike" and your white and my 1991 purple seem to fit. Awesome how a new dress can completely change the bike from Cute to Bad Ass. Very nice work for sure!

    You have to see what Bucknutz just did with his that would absolutely go along with your transformation, added a Duro Power Grip rear and some knarly front tire and the bike looks great.

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    Very nice, it looks great.
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    Seriously digging the front rack. If you ever had any interest in making some more, I'm sure a few guys here would love one including myself.

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