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Thread: Login problems

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    Senior Member DrTerrible's Avatar
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    Login problems

    Was it just me or did anyone else have problems logging in yesterday?
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    Senior Member Byron's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
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    I did too, I thought I needed a password reset, so I tried that several times, and it never sent an email for me to do that.
    This morning, I'm logged in, with no interaction from me.
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    Super Moderator littletommy's Avatar
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    Hardly no one could log on. It appears to be fixed at the moment.
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    Senior Member DrTerrible's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
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    I thought i was banned from asking too many questions...haha
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    Senior Member mrlmd's Avatar
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    It probably affected everyone - glad to see it's fixed today, we all have so much to say.
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    Administrator WERA689's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    There was a problem on the server side yesterday. It affected two other sites I do as well. I wanted to post about it, but I couldn't get in either!

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    Senior Member Trail Woman's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
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    My log in attempts failed and I got a message like "website down for maintenance till 8:00am central"..at that time I was able to log in like any other day.

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    Senior Member Hoot Gibson's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trail Woman View Post
    My log in attempts failed and I got a message like "website down for maintenance till 8:00am central"..at that time I was able to log in like any other day.
    Had no problem logging in after 9am EDT...but there were and are other issues it appears, but at least most can now long on....
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    Senior Member BillMichaels's Avatar
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    Had same problem out west for past two days. Problem solved as of now. If it didn't work today I was going to try ADV "TW pages". I remembers a few years back a lot of people met up on those pages. If that didn't work I could always count on TWBrian to figure it out. Glad to be back.
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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    Also unable to log on with laptop and Tapatalk on cell phone for this Forum yesterday. Can log on today but with issues:

    Now I want to post photos from cell phone of a scenic trip I just came back from. Tapatalk will let me log on to the foam but cannot post pictures without re-creating my profile. Tapatalk says to complete profile I must use a new password e-mailed by TW200 Forum which is different ( and unknown) from password I just used to log on. Nothing from TW200 forum in my mailbox so I am frustrated.

    Can this be fixed? If not I just might abandon this Forum for the new alternate forum which is without all the security concerns, censorship and technical difficulties recently introduced here? Somehow I need a third new password in the last month, latest one to be revealed by TW200Forum via e-mail???
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