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Thread: Mule Nuts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by catamount View Post
    I wish! I doubt you'll find such a small pin (M6) as a hitch pin.

    The bolt is small so you'll have to drill it yourself. I cut the head off the bolt and then put it in a vise. Using something sharp and hard like a nail, I'll get an indentation going in the bolt. Then you just drill a straight hole through it.

    Ah my bad. I thought you got ahold of some like that. I dunno about M6 size, but I've got some pretty little ones threaded like that on my lawnmower. The threads run the entire length, though.

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    Here was my solution: Monsterbolts. Simple allen wrenches, washers, and metric allen bolts. Just JB Welded them all together and shot them with a little spray paint. Way back when Mule was making his Mule Nuts it got a lot of us thinking of our own way to solve the solution. Props to Mule for the original idea WAY back when! Wish the archived site still had pictures and could be searched.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWmonster View Post
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    My latest tweak of JS5owner's version. The hitch clips stay with the seat:

    Electrical ring terminals crimped to picture wire, then anchored to the seat strap bolt.

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    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    ^^^ that is brilliant! must try to copy...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizrdbrth View Post
    My latest tweak of JS5owner's version. The hitch clips stay with the seat:

    Electrical ring terminals crimped to picture wire, then anchored to the seat strap bolt.

    I like this solution. It will be one of my mods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kankujoe View Post
    I like this solution. It will be one of my mods.
    I couldnt find anything at my local Ace hardware but regular bolts with threads from top to bottom. I may fill in the threads with JB Weld and put a rubber grommet on the bike frame to tighten up the hole on the bike frame. Should keep the seat from walking around or clattering.

    As for retaining the pins to the seat, ill probably just use some strong fishing line and small self tapping screws.
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    I think this thread should get pinned.
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