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Thread: Front tire choices

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    I put a Shinko 241 on mine tonight. I took one lap around the neighborhood and I didn't crash so I guess it is good so far

    I'm hoping to hit some back country later this week.

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    Laval, Quebec, Canada
    The 241 looks interesting but what about the fact that it's not intended for extended highway use?

    What is "extended" ? An hour? 5 hours? 30 min???

    On shinko's Canadian site there is not a trace of this warning, only on the American site.

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    Just order it from a Canadian site and you'll be all set.
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    Did some good test'n of the Kenda Klassic K257D, 4.60-18-4-ply. Super grip, super stable in sand, rolls nice on cement (although I would not corner like motogp on it. Tall side-knob squirm). I highly recamend it, if you'all are doing a lot of offroading.

    BIG MEAT.jpg

    Looks mean too.
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    Wenatchee Wa.
    I have had 4 TWs since 1987 and I ride about 90% on dirt and 10% on low speed low volume paved roads......I use whatever tires at whatever tire pressure (18 psi ?) they came from the factory with....have had zero problems....
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    Crystal Lake, IL
    Due to my location I will probably be riding more paved roads than dirt so are folks recommendations for tires? I have the stock tires on at the moment and so far they had been fine.

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    The Bridgestone TW34 (stock rear) with a Shinko 241 up front will cover most things — although the 241 is fairly soft so it will wear more rapidly, but again, for 50 bucks it’s not that bad, and gives you excellent off road capability

    The “road going” tires for the TW, are the Bridgestone TW203 and TW204 combination. There’s a pair in our classifieds as today. Bit pricey (not the ones on sale here), but hard wearing very grippy tires on tarmac


    Not so hot off road as you can tell by the tread pattern, but with care, they will still get you most places

    I believe Shinko does a similar tire, slightly cheaper, check fleabay for model numbers

    As these “road tires” are best on tarmac when they keep their profile, you can up the tire pressures to 22psi to 25psi quite happily, which improves top speed and mpg — lower the psi to 18 or less for off road as you would expect. Running tarmac constantly at lower pressures will result in a “flat profile” on these, so carry a small pump with you

    Although the TW34 rear is excellent at both on road and off, try not to mix knobblies with smoother road tires — it’s not good for the handling at all

    But get rid of the stock front while you’re ahead — it’ll catch you out eventually ….
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    Well I just spent the evening reading almost this whole post and I’m no closer to picking a front. I’m in need soon and was close to ordering a k270 5.10 but now i think it’s too big. I need something 50/50 ideally. I ride a good amount on pavement and can’t afford to give up good handling there but desperately need better traction off-road than the stock. Mud, clay, sand, dirt, gravel, roots, rock reggae you name it it’s here. And often all in one trail. EVERYthing but snow and ice thankfully 😅

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