clutch shifting issues
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Thread: clutch shifting issues

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    clutch shifting issues

    Well first off hello to all. this is my first post on the forum. However ive been lurking on the forum for a while now. Ive got a 2010 tdub with a little over 3800 miles. I bought the bike off my dad two years ago and he bought it brand new. bike has never been beat on and been used mainly for dirt road/back road riding here in the great state of Indiana. My complaint is this: when my bike sits for a week at a time the clutch seems to get stuck and wont release when I go to put it into gear. The bike lurches forward and dies like I never even pulled in the clutch. Now if I ride my bike every day sometimes it will still do the same thing just not as bad and usually doesn't kill the motor. My dealer seems to think its no big deal. However Ive been riding since I was a little guy so ive owned many different bikes but never had one do this before. A part of me feels like maybe there could be wear notches on my clutch basket causing my plates to stick and not want to release. but im not for sure about that. It also seems to make the bike shift kinda crunchy while riding too. just not very smooth like id like it to be. Even down shifting it seems to kinda clunk into every gear until your barely moving. What do you guys think about this? Has anyone else noticed these issues with their bike before? Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing all the info I can get. Trail King

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    Bikes with "wet clutches" (the clutch is immersed in oil" will stick like that esp when cold. Sounds normal to me.

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    Change to full synthetic oil....Mobil 1 4T racing is what many of us use. Your problem will go away above about 30 degrees.
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    Yeah you should see improvement by moving in to mobil 1 full synthetic.
    Anyway TW has a bit crunchy clutch..! It's the nature of these bikes...!

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    What weight , brand and type of engine oil are using ? . Check the chain slack ,TW is particular about it's chain adjustments . Sometimes , to heavy of an engine oil will make the plates stick if it has not been riden in awhile . Also check the release spring at the end of the clutch cable down on the engine case ( shifter side) and see if it "hooked-up" correctly.....they come out of the Dealership / factory incorrect .There are thread(s) on this very topic . just a few thoughts. The down shifting "clunky-ness" is normal . As stated above ,perhaps switch to a full synthetic motorcycle specific engine oil , it really does smooth-out the gear box and the bike will operate cooler .
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