Doesn't start or stay on. Need Help
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Thread: Doesn't start or stay on. Need Help

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    Doesn't start or stay on. Need Help

    I followed the ignition trouble shooting steps in the service manual. Checking for continuity and correct resistance values and saw everything was working fine so I bought a different (used) CDI but the issue is exactly the same.
    Installed the new CDI and works exactly as before. (videos)

    Should I buy a brand new CDI?

    I bought a new coil, cable, spark plug boot set on eBay and I get the same issue
    I tried freezing my cdi overnight and plugging it back in but I get the same issue

    Any other suggestions?

    My other post:
    It was riding fine. I was riding in some rain the past 2 days but I park in a large garage. Then next day, I tried to turn it on and had a hard time turning on. It would turn on and die if i change the gear or squeeze the clutch or if a moved it. I had about half a tank so I walked it to the gas station and filled it all the way. Now it would still do the same, it would turn on sometimes and die if I rode it or sometimes when i change the gear or if i tilted the bike. I could turn it on and hold the throttle but would bog slightly but run decently but would just turn off if started riding and going forward.

    Now the bike wont start. The starter spins and turns the motor but the bike wont start.

    The day after, I was able to get the bark to turn on for half a second.

    I cleaned the carb fully. Opened the carb, removed all the jets and sprayed cleaner through everything.
    All parts of the carb are there.

    Replaced the spark plug, reoiled my k&n air filter, charged battery, disabled kickstand sensor (cut and connected the 2 wires that go to the kickstand sensor)

    Noticed the bike makes a sound like its on from the exhaust for half a second every time the motor turns. Like a low hum. I'm not sure if this is normal or if it is a hint to what might be wrong.

    Old Spark Plug

    New Spark Plug

    You can see I'm missing a bolt on my valve cover.

    My spark seems fine but is it supposed to only spark in the beginning?
    You can see in my second video I held the starter but it only sparked once. The instant I pushed the button.

    Is this how you disable the side stand?


    Details of my bike.
    2005 TW200
    k&n air filter
    DG exhaust
    hollow mod (small but strong battery)
    130 main jet
    stock everything else
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    If you haven't yet, start by checking ALL of your wiring connectors, it sounds like something got wet and may be corroded.

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    I sympathize with you, but I'm not help. Way above my pay grade. I'm one of those guys who's solution to those problems is to hit the air box with a blast of either and then crank it over with a high amp "engine start" charger attached to the battery. And I'm pretty sure nobody here is going to recommend that. Works for me alot but, hey, I'm lucky that way.
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    It seems like ALL of these starting problems are in places with VERY high humidity. Seattle, Michigan, and now(!) Hawaii. Corrosion of fuse connectors, spark plug connectors, fowled plugs, safety switches that corrode either "open" or "closed", all symptoms of high humidity problems. I was an electrician in the Navy and we fought salt and moisture corrosion all the time.

    Sorry, that's the best I can do from here. If you have spare bedroom I could come over for a couple weeks and see if I can fix it.
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    check your grounds, this is a connector problem or the trigger coil is not working, pull them all apart and check them, it is going to be a long and boring job but your gonna have to do it, sorry no easy fix here I don't think. In the past I have been lucky to find somebody with the same bike so I could compare and swap parts to track the problem that way. you might also use some die electric grease on your connectors to seal them up after you clean them. These kind of electrical problems make my head hurt so I feel for ya good luck!
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    fishguy , would you suggest putting diaelectric grease on such troublesome areas ?.

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    I have check all the wires and connectors but seem to be connecting properly.
    I already went through the ignition troubleshooting and found all the parts like the trigger coil should be working fine, looking at the resistances.
    I havent been able to find the problem for over a month.
    please help

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    The spark plug needs to fire on EVERY 2nd revolution of the crankshaft. Your's fires once and then stops? That is not right. You need to find a CDI that is proven to be good. Either try your's on another TW. Or, borrow a good one. I hate to buy a new one before I know I need it.

    Sounds like a bad coil, to me.
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    agreed the plug needs to keep firing as long as the engine is turning over.

    the tw's are actually "wasted spark" engines so they fire each revolution, (near) the top of the compression, and the exhaust stroke, as the trigger is on the crank not cam.

    also like fishguy said, check the spark coil.
    and plug wire, and plug. swap if you can to test, aftermarket coils are cheap and good to have as spare.

    connecting the wires together going to the kick is the correct "bypass". (assuming a good ground),


    in the wiring under your right side plastic, find the cdi ignition unit. identify the blue/yellow wire. cut it (in a way you can reconect later, this is for testing) and connect the cdi side to ground. "must be grounded to run". this bypasses the kill switch and (all) the interlocks, including the trouble prone sidestand switch. you can still turn the bike on/off at the key.

    another test is to take the cdi out, put it in an airtight plastic bag, and freeze it overnight. if the bike fires up = bad cdi.

    change the coil before the cdi - way cheaper!

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    Sounds like the EXACT problem I was having on my old SR 250!
    I replaced the coil and plugs which helped but it still had intermittent issues.

    Mine was a short, so like the guys said, no easy fix, volt-meters and checking all your lines, one bent/frayed/pinched wire somehwere needs a 2-second wrap with some insulation tape.

    Goodluck and keep us posted!
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