Denver area jet sizing
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    Denver area jet sizing

    Wondering if any Denver area owners would like to share their jetting preferences. I recently picked up a 2006 TW from California (49-State Legal), with exhaust blockage removed and jetted to 130. I'm in the process of tuning it up, started with a Sea Foam treatment and next step is making sure the carb is tuned correctly.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Your little TW should run just fine the way it is for your elevation. Try it and see. Make adjustments only if needed.

    I have always considered Denver residents to be flat landers. 5200 feet ain't all that high.

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    What do you mean? "exhaust blockage removed"? Has the exhaust been changed, modified, screwed with? Usually when folks change to after market exhausts or mess with the stock ones around here, they always seem to have to re-jet the carb.

    By the way...
    Welcome CyJam to the forum!
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