1990 TW carb help.
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    1990 TW carb help.

    So there's this hole in the left side of my carb, and, for the life of me I can't find out where or what connects to it. Need help Please! Thanks all.left.png

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    Also there is another drain type spout coming out of the bottom of the bell next to the drain spout what do I do with this hole aswell?

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    The bottom drain is your overflow in case your float sticks... If that thing has been sitting with fuel in it, you're going to have to go in and clean that carb. My 87 has that hole plugged, maybe it just needs a vacuum cap. you're going to have to pull that carb anyways, because you going to need to check that the intake manifold hasn't become delaminated. I can tell that is the original because the rubber is all peeling away, definitely needs checking for air leaks. You may want to replace it for cheap insurance.
    I bet that carb need soaking in carb dip and all the passages need to be checked.

    Is that a teal beauty? How about a pic of the whole bike? Does it have the original seat and plastics?

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    Both of those holes are just blind holes in the body and neither are used. Could be for other applications if this carb was used on other bikes. The carbs on older XT 350 are the same as ours but have an additional linkage on the right side to connect it to another and completely different carb.

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