Shifter Question
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    Shifter Question

    2000 TW does anyone know of any other shifters that would work on these bikes? Would like something a little longer and maybe a little more stronger/more substantial. Also, can anyone suggest the best set of sprockets, o-ring chain you've found? The stock chain is pitiful and I need to replace soon.


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    The stock Yamaha sprockets are good quality as are the ones I got after market from JT. The stock chain is cheap junk. I just put DID X ring chains on both TWs and I think these will be the last chains I ever have to buy. Others have found much cheaper O ring chains and seem to be happy with them to. I would not even bother replacing a standard roller chain with another roller chain.

    My stock shift lever was ok until I changed to wider foot pegs that I love. I also tried a nice pair of MX boots and could not even shift with them on. When I do change the shifter I will stick with steel just so I can bend it back if it gets bent.

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    I've given some thought to a double action pedal-- a rocker type-- because it would be more precise with the ability to back-check. But it is all 'grown shut' behind the shaft. Has anyone else stewed over this? Dell

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