LED turn signals anyone?
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    LED turn signals anyone?

    Just picked up my first TW. 2008 model. It did not come with the turn signals, however the wiring is intact. I would like to install smaller than factory LED lights, as they are a bit brighter and the area I want to explore on my bike is pretty brushy. Has anyone had any luck installing LED's on there ride? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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    These guys have everything you will need to do the led conversion Yamaha TW200 Parts and Performance - ProCycle

    You might just wanna go with the 4 mini halogen turn signals on the pro cycle website. If you go led then I'm pretty sure you need a diode kit and a led flasher

    Im sure someone will chime in that has done the led turn signal conversion
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    I have the TuffLites (sp?), they are near indestructible. You will need a solid state flasher to maintain the legal blink rate.

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    i picked up a pair of mini stalk lights from cycle pro. protected under the cyclerack, i haven't broken another one since, two years running. on sale they were $10
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    Put LED's on the wife's TW, pretty inexpensive to do. after I got them in I was confused as to why they all turned on and did not blink! Then I realized a digital flasher was needed, then with that installed they all blinked! I took out the dash indicator and replaced it with a small LED and it worked wonderfully. If you don't want and LED on the dash you can just take it out or play with the resistance. All in all under $50 on ebay for all the stuff.

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