Rear Running lights not working?
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    Rear Running lights not working?

    So im really new at The motorcycle Repair world. Im 20 and Just got my first Tw200. it is a 03 with only 8000 miles. Rear Running lights are not working. but the Turn signels on the Rear do work. I need The Running lights to work so I can Install Some Neon Lights on the side. The neon lights are for visibility when I cross Dead Mans Intersection I don't have to worry being hit. The only way to Get power to the Neon lights are If I can get the running lights to work. I will feed into them and power the Lights. Anyone know why they don't work? can I get some Wire colors to trace? Can I also get some tips on how to repair this? Im Super New at electrical stuff.

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    running lights are front only I believe... pull your power off the tail light.

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    ^^^he is right...there are only running lights on the front only...front turn signals are 3 wire rear turn signals are only 2 wire...the extra wires in the front signals are for the running lights

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