Re-usable oil filters?
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    Planning a long trip on my TW, while there are some stops where oil filters could be posted to me/bought. Id still need to carry a few - would be much easier if I could just fit a re-useable one and give it a good clean every oil change.

    Ive seen them made for the ttr250, but none for the tw200. Does anyone know if a similar bike's re-usable filter would fit?

    I did a bit of digging and K+N have a long list of all the bikes that use the same oil filter as the tw200 - does anyone know if any of these bikes have a reusable filter available:



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    My TW (2005) came with what I believe is a re-usable oil filter. It is made with a screen type material, and unless damaged just clean out the debris and re-use. I know there is a paper type filter element as well. I have cleaned and re-used mine during a couple of oil changes, and still have the original, and haven't had any negative issues with re-using the filter.

    In this forum topic (Technical), there is a "pinned" thread, "How to change your oil", which I found very helpful, and I think you may as well.

    Can't help you with K&N filter information as I use the stock filter.

    Have a good trip.
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    I'm sure many will jump in on this one but . . . BE CAREFUL with oil filters. Apparently Yamaha makes several that are the same general size but the one for the TW must have a circle of holes to allow the oil to flow adequately and if you don'[t have the same whole configuration in the filter you install you run the risk of engine damage. Someone will post a photo of the correct one I'm sure. There are even stories of the Yamaha parts departments providing the wrong one (innocently I'm sure). And, BTW, I'm always careful in cleaning my brass mesh filter and reuse it, although I should buy another to keep as a spare in case I do damage it sometime and need to reassemble without an added trip to town. Happy New Year. Tom
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    I alternate between the stock filter and the Hiflo, whichever I have on hand.

    The filter has a reusable brass screen. I change the oil in my TW every 1,000 miles (only 1 qt) and I reuse the filter 2 or three 3 times, depending on how much debris I find in the filter.

    If you use the stock filter, make sure it's the correct one. Some are mislabeled.

    (photo by goldenhtr)

    Tracy's oil change thread:

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    The stock Yamaha filter is a re-usable brass screen job that you can wash with solvent and gently brush. I have seen some that are pleated and some are smooth, the smooth one is much easier to clean. The part #5HO-13440-09.

    As said above double check the little holes are present.

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    Just an opinion here.. In my mind, there is a fair amount of surface area, on both styles (pleated has more). I would not obsess. Change the oil routinely and clean/flush the filter when you are able to. Gerry
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