Press in wrist pin or not?
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    Talking Press in wrist pin or not?

    My boy has a 1995 tw 200. He fried the cylinder and piston. When tearing the top end of the motor apart, we had to press the wrist pin out of the connecting rod and piston to remove the piston. We are hoping not to break the crank case apart. So is the pin a press in or a slide in? It does have a clip on each side of the piston! The reason for asking this question is; was the connecting rod damaged as well. It seemed to move well when attached to the piston.
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    According to the manual, the wrist pin may come out hard, if so, a wrist pin puller is needed. If the pin or connecting rod isn't scored or discolored and there isn't excessive clearance, it should be OK.

    Here is a link to a link for downloadable manuals. LINK
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    I slid my wrist pin out with my pinky. Was the wrist pin sticking in the piston, or was it the rod that was not allowing it to come out? Just curious.

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    When you're removed the piston pin, you have to check the con rod!!!!
    If the piston pin bore does have scratches, than you have to change the con rod.

    But it's not good, when you have to press out the piston pin.
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