Valves, Carb and 20oz of fuel
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Thread: Valves, Carb and 20oz of fuel

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    Valves, Carb and 20oz of fuel

    Good Morning everyone.

    Two days ago I adjusted the valves on my 2013 TW with 1200 miles on it and did the carb pilot screw mod. All went very well. After drilling out the plug I turned the pilot screw in to see what it was set at and start from ground zero. It turned in 2 full turns. I turned it out 2 and one quarter turns. The engine idled at 30rpms more than prior to the adjustment. Has anyone done this mod and found the screw turned out 2 turns from the factory?

    Also, I have a 20oz. MSR fuel bottle I am considering using to carry a little extra fuel with. I don't wander too far from home. With casual trail riding how many miles might I get out of 20oz. I realize any estimate would be very subjective but would like to get some feed back.

    Thanks, Mark

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    Fine tuning the pilot screw is common on these bikes. Assuming that you are getting 50 miles per gallon, you should be able to get almost 8 miles from the extra fuel. If you run out of fuel, you can lay the bike down on its left side to transfer a little more to the petcock side if you get really desperate.
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